2018 CMA Awards: broadcast winners announced

October 15, 2018

The following is a press release from the Country Music Association:

Two-time CMA Awards winner and a three-time CMA Awards nominee this year, Jason Aldean surprised radio stations and broadcast personalities this morning to reveal news of their 2018 CMA Broadcast Awards wins, announced in advance of the award show and presentation.

Listen to Aldean surprise “Country Countdown USA’s” nationally syndicated personality Lon Helton with the news of his win here. Aldean’s tourmate Luke Combs happened to be in studio and shared a moment from their time on the road together. See below for the full list of 2018 CMA Broadcast Awards winners.

Winners will be recognized at “The 52nd Annual CMA Awards,” Country Music’s Biggest Night, airing live from Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Wednesday, November 14 at 8/7c on the ABC Television Network.

Broadcast Personality of the Year

Lon Helton (Photo courtesy of Westwood One)


“American Country Countdown” (Kix Brooks) –Westwood One
“Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40” (Bob Kingsley) – Westwood One
“Country Countdown USA” (Lon Helton) – Westwood One*
“The Mayor of Music Row” (Charlie Monk) – Sirius XM Satellite Radio
“The Music Row Happy Hour” (Buzz Brainard) – Sirius XM Satellite Radio


Major Market

Bud Ford and Jerry Broadway of “Bud and Broadway” (Photo courtesy of WIL)

“Bud and Broadway” (Bud Ford, Jerry Broadway, Kelly Rebal, “Captain Mac Douglas” Gregory Paul Ford, “T.Wall” Tom Wall, and “Sweet Becca” Walls) – WIL St. Louis, MO*
“Double-L” (Lois Lewis) – KNIX Phoenix, AZ
“Hawkeye in the Morning” (“Hawkeye” Mark Louis Rybczyk, Jasmine Sadry, and “Connected K” Katelyn Maida) – KSCS Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
“KYGO Morning Show” (Tracy Dixon, Guy David, and Patrick Knight) – KYGO Denver-Boulder, CO
“Tim, Ben and Brooke” (Tim Hattrick, Ben Campbell, and Brooke Hoover) – KNIX Phoenix, AZ

Large Market

Jim Denny, Deborah Honeycutt and Kevin Freeman of “Jim, Deb & Kevin” (Photo courtesy of WFMS)

“Jim, Deb & Kevin” (Jim Denny, Deborah Honeycutt, and Kevin Freeman) – WFMS Indianapolis, IN*
“Obie & Ashley in the Morning” (Obie Diaz and Ashley Stegbauer) – WWKA Orlando, FL
“Q Morning Crew” (Mike Wheless and Janie Carothers) – WQDR Raleigh-Durham, NC
“The Randy, Jamie, and Jojo Show” (Randy Carroll, Jamie Martin, and Jojo Meza) – KAJA San Antonio, TX
“Ridder, Scott and Shannen” (“Ridder” Shaun Ridderbush, Scott Dolphin, and Shannen Oesterreich) – WMIL Milwaukee-Racine, WI

Medium Market

Ken Hicks, Kelley Bradshaw, and Daniel Wyatt of “Ken, Kelley and Daniel” (Photo courtesy of WUSY)

“The 97.5 WPCV Breakfast Club” (Roger Todd, “Julie K.” Kansy, and “D.J. Thee Trucker” Dale Sellers) – WPCV Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL
Brent Michaels – KUZZ Bakersfield, CA
“Ken, Kelley, and Daniel” (Ken Hicks, Kelley Bradshaw, and Daniel Wyatt) – WUSY Chattanooga, TN*
“The Odd Squad” (Roger Rhodes, Robyn Adair, and Dan Carson) – CKRY Calgary, AB
“Scott and Sarah in the Morning” (Scott Wynn and Sarah Kay) – WQMX Akron, OH

Small Market

Jessica Cash and Steve Waters of “Steve and Jessica in the Mornings” (Photo courtesy of WFLS)

“Barrett, Fox & Berry” (Bill Barrett, Tim Fox, and Tracy Berry) – KKNU Eugene-Springfield, OR
“The Cat Pak Morning Show” (Brent Lane and Candy Cullerton) – WYCT Pensacola, FL
“The Eddie Foxx Show” (Eddie Foxx and Sharon Green) – WKSF Asheville, NC
“The Good Morning Guys” (Todd Harding, Susan Moore, and Brian Gary) – KUAD Ft. Collins-Greeley, CO
“Steve and Jessica Mornings” (Steve Waters and Jessica Cash) – WFLS Fredericksburg, VA*

Radio Station of the Year

Major Market
KKBQ Houston-Galveston, TX*
KNIX Phoenix, AZ
KUPL Portland, OR
WKKT Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC
WSOC Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC

Large Market
KCYY San Antonio, TX
KUBL Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo, UT
WQIK Jacksonville, FL
WUBE Cincinnati, OH*
WWKA Orlando, FL

Medium Market
KUZZ Bakersfield, CA
WBBS Syracuse, NY
WHKO Dayton, OH
WUSY Chattanooga, TN*
WYRK Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY

Small Market
KCLR Columbia, MO
KKNU Eugene-Springfield, OR
KTTS Springfield, MO*
WCOW La Crosse, WI
WKSF Asheville, NC

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