2018 Toronto International Film Festival: Midnight Madness movies announced

August 9, 2018

"The Predator"
A scene from “The Predator” (Photo by Kimberley French)

The following is a press release from the Toronto International Film Festival:

Midnight Madness has just announced its explosive lineup of films for the 43rd Toronto  International Film Festival ® . Screening to an audience of die-hard film fans every evening at 11:59pm, this  year’s programme features 10 quintessential genre movies that are guaranteed to either terrorize or  mesmerize.

“This year’s Midnight Madness slate promises another idiosyncratic confluence of established and emerging  genre filmmakers,” said Peter Kuplowsky, Midnight Madness Programmer. “To complement some of the  buzziest provocations on the festival circuit, I have sought to curate an eccentric array of World Premieres that  demonstrate the dexterity of genre cinema as a canvas for both sublime satisfaction and stunning subversion.  That includes the section’s two much-anticipated sequels, “The Predator” and “Halloween,” each of which boldly  and brilliantly builds upon its mythic iconography to thrilling and surprising effect.”

Kuplowsky continues to put his fearless stamp on the programme, starting with the opening film: the World  Premiere of Shane Black’s “The Predator,” the director’s reinvention of the iconic film series. The lineup will also  feature the highly anticipated World Premiere of “Halloween,” directed by David Gordon Green and starring  Jamie Lee Curtis. The programme closes with the North American Premiere of “Diamantino,” Gabriel Abrantes  and Daniel Schmidt’s bizarre, genre-bending film that fascinated audiences at Cannes earlier this year.  Midnight Madness will also present the North American Premiere of the electrifying Gaspar Noé ’s “Climax.”

The films in this year’s lineup will feature strong performances by actors such as legendary Italian star Monica  Bellucci, who plays the queen of a demonic underworld in the World Premiere of “Nekrotronic,” directed by Kiah  Roache-Turner. Other films include Peter Strickland’s highly anticipated “In Fabric,” which follows the life of a  cursed dress, and the International Premiere of “Assassination Nation,” directed by Sam Levinson.

Additional World Premieres from this year’s selection will include Emma Tammi’s “The Wind”; “The Standoff at  Sparrow Creek,” directed by Henry Dunham; and Vasan Bala’s “The Man Who Feels No Pain,” the first Indian film  ever selected for the Midnight Madness programme.

The 43rd Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6 to 16, 2018.

Films screening as part of the Midnight Madness programme include:

Assassination Nation
Sam Levinson  |  USA
International Premiere

Gaspar Noé   |  France
North American Premiere

* Midnight Madness Closing Film *
Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt  | Portugal/France/Brazil
North American Premiere

David Gordon Green  |  USA
World Premiere

In Fabric
Peter Strickland | UK
World Premiere

The Man Who Feels No Pain
Vasan Bala  | India
World Premiere

Kiah Roache-Turner | Australia
World Premiere

* Midnight Madness Opening Film *
The Predator
Shane Black | USA
World Premiere

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek
Henry Dunham | USA
World Premiere

The Wind
Emma Tammi | USA
World Premiere

For film synopses, cast lists, images, and more information, see  tiff.net/midnightmadness.     Festival ticket packages start at $105. Purchase packages online at  tiff.net/tickets, or by phone (416.599.TIFF)

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