2021 Horror Movie Hub

There’s no doubt about it: Horror movies are hot right now. Here’s a list of horror flicks with U.S. releases in 2021. They’re all here, whether they are movies with theatrical releases, films that went directly to video, or movies that are only available on streaming services or TV networks. (Movies that were originally released before 2021 and were re-released in 2021 are not included.) Movies that were reviewed on Culture Mix get a featured spotlight, while all the rest of the movies are listed below.

For the purposes of this list, “horror movies” are defined as movies that are intended to be scary, which are often different from crime movies. For example, “Halloween” is a horror movie. “Scarface” is not. As a helpful guide, the movies on this list are identified by the subgenres in horror.

NOTE: This list is only for movies released in the United States. The availability of a movie on this list might vary outside the U.S.

Horror Movies of 2021: Culture Mix Reviews

The 8th Night (Photo courtesy of Netflix)
The Arbors (Photo courtesy of Gravitas Ventures)
Army of the Dead (Photo by Clay Enos/Netflix)
Blood Conscious (Photo courtesy of Dark Sky Films)
Bloody Hell (Photo courtesy of Entertainment Squad/The Horror Collective)
Cactus Jack (Photo courtesy of Cactus Jack Film LLC)
Candyman (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)
Censor (Photo by Maria Lax/Magnet Releasing)
The Columnist (Photo courtesy of Film Movement)
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Photo by Ben Rothstein/Warner Bros. Pictures)
Demonic (Photo courtesy of IFC Films/IFC Midnight)
The Devil Below (Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment)
The Djinn (Photo courtesy of IFC Films/IFC Midnight)
Don’t Breathe 2 (Photo by Sergej Radovic/Screen Gems)
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures)
The Evil Next Door (Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing)
Fear of Rain (Photo courtesy of Lionsgate)
The Forever Purge (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)
Funhouse (Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing)
Gaia (Photo by Jorrie van der Wal/Decal)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Photo by Kimberley French/Columbia Pictures)
The Green Knight (Photo courtesy of A24)
Halloween Kills (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)
Held (Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing)
The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 (Photo courtesy of Lionsgate)
In the Earth (Photo courtesy of Neon)
Jakob’s Wife (Photo courtesy of RLJE Films and Shudder)
Killer Among Us (Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment)
Lamb (Photo courtesy of A24 Films)
Malignant (Photo by Ron Batzdorff/Warner Bros. Pictures)
Masquerade (Photo courtesy of Shout! Studios)
The Night (Photo courtesy of IFC Films/IFC Midnight)
The Night House (Photo courtesy of Searchlight Pictures)
Old (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)
Paranormal Prison (Photo courtesy of Gravitas Ventures)
Phobias (Photo by Vertical Entertainment)
A Quiet Place Part II (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)
Saint Maud (Photo courtesy of A24)
School’s Out Forever (Photo courtesy of Central City Media)
Separation (Photo by Blair Todd/Open Road Films/Briarcliff Entertainment)
The Seventh Day (Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment)
The Sinners (Photo courtesy of Brainstorm Media)
Spiral (Photo by Brooke Palmer/Lionsgate)
The Stylist (Photo courtesy of Method Media/Sixx Tape Productions)
Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman (Photo courtesy of Dark Star Pictures/Voltage Pictures)
Titane (Photo by Carole Bethuel/Neon)
Too Late (Photo courtesy of Gravitas Ventures)
The Unholy (Photo courtesy of Screen Gems)
The Vigil (Photo courtesy of IFC Films/IFC Midnight)
The Village in the Woods (Photo courtesy of 4Digital Media)
We Need to Do Something (Photo courtesy of IFC Films/IFC Midnight)
Werewolves Within (Photo by Sabrina Lantos/IFC Films)
Witch Hunt (Photo courtesy of Momentum Pictures)
Women (Photo courtesy of Gravitas Ventures)

Complete List of Horror Movies Released in 2021

  • sci-fi horror = futuristic science or outer-space aliens
  • slasher horror = killer humans or wild animals
  • supernatural horror  = evil spirits
  • vampire horror = killer vampires
  • zombie horror = killer zombies

6:45 — sci-fi horror

The 8th Night — supernatural horror

Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman — slasher horror

All My Friends Hate Me — slasher horror

The Amusement Park — slasher horror

Antlers — supernatural horror

The Arbors — sci-fi horror

Army of the Dead (2021) — zombie horror

Babysitter Must Die — slasher horror

Bad Candy — supernatural horror

The Banishing — supernatural horror

A Banquet — supernatural horror

Baphomet — supernatural horror

The Battle of Ramree Island — slasher horror

Behemoth — sci-fi horror

Benny Loves You — supernatural horror

Beyond Paranormal — sci-fi horror

Bingo Hell — slasher horror

Black Friday (2021) — sci-fi horror

Black as Night — vampire horror

Bleed With Me — slasher horror

Blood Conscious — slasher horror

Bloody Hell — slasher horror

Bloodthirsty — slasher horror

The Boy Behind the Door — supernatural horror

Boys From County Hell — vampire horror

Cactus Jack — slasher horror

Candyman (2021) — supernatural horror

Castle Freak — supernatural horror

Caveat — slasher horror

Censor (2021) — slasher horror

Chompy & the Girls — slasher horror

A Classic Horror Story — supernatural horror

The Columnist — slasher horror

Coming Home in the Dark — slasher horror

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It — supernatural horror

Crack House of the Dead — zombie horror

Dachra — supernatural horror

Dark Spell — supernatural horror

Dark Stories — supernatural horror

Dead & Beautiful — vampire horror

Deadhouse Dark — anthology horror

The Dead of Night (2021) — supernatural horror

Death Drop Gorgeous — slasher horror

Death Ranch — slasher horror

Dementer — slasher horror

Dementia Part II — supernatural horror

Demonic (2021) — supernatural horror

Detention (2021) — supernatural horror

The Devil Below (formerly titled Shookum Hills) — supernatural horror

The Devil’s Child — supernatural horror

The Djinn — supernatural horror

Don’t Breathe 2 — slasher horror

Dreamcatcher (2021) — slasher horror

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions — slasher horror

Escape the Undertaker — slasher horror

The Evil Next Door — supernatural horror

Fear of Rain — slasher horror

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 — supernatural horror

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 — supernatural horror

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 — supernatural horror

The Feast (2021) — supernatural horror

The Forever Purge — slasher horror

Fried Barry — sci-fi horror

For the Sake of Vicious — slasher horror

Funhouse (2021) — slasher horror

Funny Face — slasher horror

Gaia — sci-fi horror

Getaway — slasher horror

Ghostbusters: Afterlife — supernatural horror

Ghost Lab — supernatural horror

A Ghost Waits — supernatural horror

Girl Next — slasher horror

The Girl Who Got Away — slasher horror

The Green Knight — supernatural horror

Grizzly II: Revenge — slasher horror

Hail to the Deadites — documentary horror

Halloween Kills — slasher horror

The Heiress (2021) — supernatural horror

Held — slasher horror

Hell Trip — supernatural horror

Honeydew — slasher horror

Horror Noir — documentary horror

The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 — vampire horror

Hum (2021) — supernatural horror

Hunted (2021) — slasher horror

Implanted (2021) — sci-fi horror

Initiation (2021) — slasher horror

In Search of Darkness: Part II — documentary horror

In the Earth — sci-fi horror

Isolation — anthology horror

Jakob’s Wife — vampire horror

Kandisha — supernatural horror

Killer Among Us — slasher horror

Lair — supernatural horror

Lamb (2021) — supernatural horror

Lantern’s Lane — slasher horror

Last Night in Soho — sci-fi horror

Let Us In — sci-fi horror

The Mad Hatter — supernatural horror

Madres (2021) — supernatural horror

Making Monsters — supernatural horror

Malignant (2021) — supernatural horror

The Manor (2021) — supernatural horror

The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre — slasher horror

Marionette (2021) — supernatural horror

Martyrs Lane — supernatural horror

Masquerade (2021) — slasher horror

Meander — sci-fi horror

The Medium (2021) — supernatural horror

The Midwife (2021) — supernatural horror

Mosquito State — slasher horror

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To — slasher horror

A Nightmare Wakes — supernatural horror

Necropath — slasher horror

The Night (2021) — supernatural horror

Night at the Eagle Inn — supernatural horror

Night Drive — slasher horror

The Night House — supernatural horror

No One Gets Out Alive — slasher horror

Old — sci-fi horror

Paranormal Prison — supernatural horror

P.G.: Psycho Goreman — supernatural horror

Phobias (2021) — anthology horror

The Power (2021) — supernatural horror

The Queen of Black Magic — supernatural horror

Queen of Spades — supernatural horror

A Quiet Place Part II — sci-fi horror

The Reckoning (2021) — supernatural horror

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City — zombie horror

The Resort (2021) — supernatural horror

The Retreat (2021) — slasher horror

Roh — supernatural horror

Saint Maud — slasher horror

The Scary of Sixty-First  — slasher horror

School’s Out Forever — sci-fi horror

Seance (2021) — supernatural horror

The Secret of Sinchanee — supernatural horror

Separation (2021) — supernatural horror

The Seventh Day (2021) — supernatural horror

Shelter in Place — supernatural horror

The Sinners (2021) (formerly titled The Color Rose) — slasher horror

Skull: The Mask — supernatural horror

Slaxx — supernatural horror

Son (2021) — supernatural horror

Sound of Violence — supernatural horror

The Spine of Night — supernatural horror

Spiral (2021) — slasher horror

Spoor — supernatural horror

The Stairs — supernatural horror

Stay Out of the F**king Attic — supernatural horror

The Strange House — supernatural horror

The Stylist — slasher horror

Superdeep — sci-fi horror

Superhost — supernatural horror

The Swarm — sci-fi horror

Sweet River — supernatural horror

Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman — slasher horror

Teddy (2021) — slasher horror

There’s Someone Inside Your House — slasher horror

Things Seen and Heard — supernatural horror

Till Death — slasher horror

Titane — slasher horror

The Toll — supernatural horror

Too Late (2021) — slasher horror

Unearth — supernatural horror

The Unhealer — supernatural horror

The Unholy (2021) — supernatural horror

An Unquiet Grave — slasher horror

Untitled Horror Movie — supernatural horror

Val — supernatural horror

V/H/S/94 — anthology horror

Vicious Fun — slasher horror

The Vigil (2021) — supernatural horror

The Village in the Woods — supernatural horror

Violation (2021) — slasher horror

We Need to Do Something — supernatural horror

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair — supernatural horror

Werewolves Within — slasher horror

Whitetail — supernatural horror

The Widow (2021) — supernatural horror

Willy’s Wonderland — slasher horror

Witch Hunt (2021) — supernatural horror

Women (2021) — slasher horror

Wrong Turn (2021) — slasher horror

Zombie Bro — zombie horror