DOGTV launches its first video-on-demand service on Xfinity TV

April 20, 2017


Comcast’s pet owners and their canines are in for a real treat: DOGTV, the world’s first and only television network created specifically for dogs, announced today its immediate availability on Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand. For over five years, DOGTV has been the lead dog in canine content production by providing entertaining and enriching television shows and specials that combat dog boredom, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and more. The expansion to Comcast is DOGTV’s first-ever stand-alone video on demand (VOD) offering.

“The secret life of pets is not so secret—dogs need entertainment and enrichment, just like humans. The new DOGTV offering with Comcast has content with auditory and visual stimuli designed just for dogs, and we also have programming for their pet parents as well,” says Gilad Neumann, CEO and Co-Founder, DOGTV. “With our new video library, subscribers are in control of what type of content they want their dogs to watch, making it easy to pick and choose the programs that are best for their pups. We’re confident that pet owners’ guilt will subside when they leave the house knowing that their dog is watching expert-curated shows that are tailored to their dog’s personality and needs.”

DOGTV’s VOD offering is available to Xfinity TV customers for $4.99 per month. The subscription includes DOGTV’s original content that is scientifically developed and tested to provide 24-hour, pup-approved television for stay-at-home dogs. The programs and videos cover multiple categories, including relaxation, stimulation, and exposure, and are fueled by expert-driven research.

“Studies have shown that dog boredom is the number one leading cause of misbehavior in the home. Dogs also deal with real issues such as separation anxiety, possessiveness and aggressiveness, and we’re committed to creating content with stimuli that have been documented as having a real, tangible benefit,” said Professor Nicholas Dodman, Chief Scientist, DOGTV. “Our mission is to arm pet parents with the types of programming that fosters a happier furry friend.”

Daily programs for dogs, expert shows and specials, such as “Water Dogs,” “Noise Phobia” and “Dogs in Cars” are available on DOGTV’s VOD channel, and additional new content will be released later this year. Millions of dogs and dog owners are now able to watch the content specifically designed for a dog’s visual, auditory and emotional sensibility.

“DOGTV’s unique collection of programming for the four-legged members of families is a great addition to our Xfinity On Demand catalog and a great example of how Xfinity is working to increase consumer choice and selection,” said Daniel Spinosa, General Manager of Movies, Pay-Per-View and Commerce, Comcast Cable. “This partnership is representative of our commitment to delivering the best collection of content to our customers whenever and wherever they want to watch it.”

To find out if Xfinity TV is available in your area, visit DOGTV is currently available through DIRECTV, RCN, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Roku, and as an iOS and Android app. For additional information, including programming descriptions, please visit: Like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter: @DOGTV and Instagram: @DOGTV.

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