Ikea launches Lurvig product line for pets

October 17, 2017

Ikea's Lurvig products
Items in Ikea’s Lurvig product line for pets (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

Sweden-based  lifestyle company Ikea has launched a product line for pets called Lurvig, which is Swedish for “shaggy.”

Here are more details from an Ikea press release:

“I feel that my pets are the ones who can really take me to the present moment. When we share our time together, my head is more free, and other worries and stress fall away. They teach us respect, and their unconditional love is priceless.”

Ikea’s Lurvig designer Inma Bermudéz (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

If you’re a pet owner, designer Inma Bermudéz’s words might be something that rings true to you too. After all, our pets give us a lot, from that wagging tail that welcomes us home, to that calm company next to us on the sofa, or that unconditional love at every other time. If you ask us, we reckon it’s time to give them something back.

That’s why we brought in Inma to work on the LURVIG range, which is designed to help out all aspects of life with our dogs and cats. Not to mention be long lasting and affordable, while fitting in with your existing home furnishings.

As Inma says: “Our pets have their own personalities but they have five things in common: they love sleeping, eating, playing and exercising, and being close to us. So these behaviors have been the first thing on our minds when designing these products.”


(Photo courtesy of Ikea)

Of course designing products for pets, rather than humans, has its own set of rules and things to consider. To help out, the  LURVIG range was developed with the assistance of trained veterinarian Dr. Barbara Schäfer, who also works with product risk assessment at IKEA.
Barbara has an extensive background working with pets – from hamsters and rats all the way up to dogs and cats. She says the biggest challenge is not to “humanize” pet products.

“It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and
behaviors (like how they sleep, eat or play) as a starting point. Then we can design a product that fits in with our
human needs, such as style and form.”

The first thing to consider was safety:

“Dogs will definitely chew on their toys and bring in dirt from their daily walks. Cats will definitely scratch on most surfaces and are sensitive to smell and texture. So safe, durable  materials are very important.”

As well as looking at animal behaviors like eating.
“Cats are generally good at regulating how much food they eat, however a number of dog breeds still retain the desire to  overeat. That’s how the ‘slow feed’ bowl became part of the LURVIG range. By using a design that breaks up a bowl’s  internal surface area, it prevents the dog from being able to inhale their food in one or two gulps.”


(Photo courtesy of Ikea)

When watching your pet, how often do they go for the same toy or blanket, and return to a cozy spot to chew or maybe just have nearby as a comfort?

Rounding out the LURVIG design process was the focus that our pets live with us at home as part of the family — even if they do take the odd shoe or two.

For Inma, that led to a friendly-smelling bed.
“The piece that I’m most proud of is a pet cushion: we
encourage owners to fill it with their old clothes, blankets or towels. The idea is that pets get a comfortable cushion with comfortable, familiar smells too.”


Cat scratch mat. W 9⅞×L 24¾”. Sisal/natural (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

With this cat scratching mat, you quickly and easily transform an ordinary table leg into a scratching tree, where your cat can both sharpen their claws and stretch.
You easily attach the cat scratching mat using the sewn-in straps.




LURVIG Cat house on legs. W 13-15⅜×D 13×H 27⅛”. White.  (Photo courtesy of Ikea)
LURVIG Cat house on legs. W 13-15⅜×D 13×H 27⅛”. White. (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

You can place the cat house on legs, hang it on the wall or slide the house into a KALLAX shelving unit. The cat house can also be used as a practical bedside table where the cat can crawl in and you can have small things close at hand on top. On the front side there’s a scratching wall where your cat can sharpen their claws. The opening is designed small to make your cat feel safe.


A cozy, safe and comfortable sleeping space that you can place on the floor or slide into a KALLAX shelving unit.
When you don’t need the box and want to save space, simply open the zipper in the bottom and fold it flat.


LURVIG Frame for pet bed. L 27¼×W 17½×H 9½”. White. (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

You can use the frame in two different ways: as a cozy nook with medium-high walls or put it upside down to give your pet a clear view in all directions.


LURVIG Cat/dog bed. L 27½×W 26¾×H 11¾”. Black. (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

You can quickly and easily create an even larger sleeping
space by folding out the seat cushion. The cover is easy to keep clean since it’s removable and can be machine washed.


LURVIG Slow-feed bowl. 41oz. Green. (Photo courtesy of Ikea)

The bowl stays in place since it has an anti-slip material
on the underside. The elevated part in the middle of the bowl ensures that your dog takes smaller bites, which reduces the risk of stomach pain.



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