Joseph Abboud shows American Gothic-inspired fall 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

January 31, 2017

Joseph Abboud's Fall 2107 collection
Joseph Abboud’s Fall 2107 collection. (Photo courtesy of Joseph Abboud)

The Joseph Abboud fashion brand kicked off its 30th anniversary with a dark and mysterious Fall 2017 collection, offering of 50 looks inspired by  the concept of American Gothic, emphasizing dramatic silhouettes, saturated colors, and sumptuous textures. The collection was shown during New York Fashion Week: Men’s on January 31, 2017.

Joseph Abboud commented in a statement: “With our 30th anniversary in mind, designing my fall range was a reflective and introspective process. We continue to celebrate the American man, American production, and the masculine individuality that is inherently Joseph Abboud. I was deeply inspired by the striking architecture of Gothic cathedrals, which is reflected in the construction of the clothing—lapels are exaggerated, coats are sweeping, cape-like, and our signature Traced Fit is slightly relaxed to allow for ease of movement.”

(All photos courtesy of Joseph Abboud)