Museum of Ice Cream celebrates National Ice Cream Day with ‘ultimate ice cream social’ in Los Angeles

June 28, 2018

The following is a press release from Museum of Ice Cream:

(Photo courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream)

In honor of their debut ice cream launch at Target on July 8thMuseum of Ice Cream is hosting the ultimate ‘ice cream social’ on July 15th, National Ice Cream Day. Hosted at Los Angeles State Historic Park, Museum of Ice Cream’s massive ice cream affair will include live entertainment, immersive games, interactive art installations and of course, lots of ice cream.

Over 2,000 guests are expected to gather in honor of Museum of Ice Cream’s favorite holiday, donning a whimsical dress code of exclusively pink and white. Guests will be invited to indulge in Museum of Ice Cream’s signature flavors, sharing pints, and exploring the toppings bar in a picnic-style afternoon.  If that wasn’t sweet enough, there will be a live performance by a top performing artist – soon to be announced! Last but not least, Museum of Ice Cream will be hosting ice cream socials at The Pint Shop in New York City and Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco that same day!

Over the past year, Museum of Ice Cream has cultivated its new line of ice cream, which is sourced from the highest quality ingredients and embodies the brand’s lively and imaginative spirit. The seven inaugural flavors include: Piñata, Sprinkle Pool, Vanillionaire, Chocolate Crush, Cherrylicious, Churro Churro, and Nana Banana.

Since its launch in 2016, Museum of Ice Cream has created a global community through the irresistible and universal language of ice cream. The brand has an infectious optimism at its core which promotes creativity, fun, and inclusivity. Founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunnbelieves that sharing ice cream is a powerful way to spread hope and happiness across cultures.

“National Ice Cream Day is a celebration of everything we love and ties to our mission of igniting the world through imagination and creativity,” said Bunn. “Ice cream sees no barriers – it is a transportive and universal symbol of community and connectivity through its shared language of positivity. As an experience-first brand, we see no better way to introduce the country to our ice cream than with a record breaking, immersive ice cream social on our favorite holiday.”

Mark your calendars! Tickets for all 3 locations go on sale on July 2 at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PMEastern and are available for purchase at Tickets are $38 per person. Dress code: pink and white!

Museum of Ice Cream transforms ideas into spaces that provoke imagination. The Museum is designed to be a culturally inclusive environment and community, while inspiring human emotion and creativity. Stay tuned, Museum of Ice Cream will be making exciting announcements in the coming months! Follow along @museumoficecream(#museumoficecream), and sign up on the website for first word!