SPCALA makes Animal Safety Net manual available as a free download

January 26, 2017

(Photo courtesy of spcaLA)

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) is now offering its Animal Safety Net (ASN) manual as a free download. It’s the first time since ASN’s inception in 1998 that the manual is being offered offered to humane organizations, prosecuting attorneys, and domestic violence professionals as a free, downloadable manual.

The ASN program is a way to help survivors of domestic violence keep their pets and leave their abusers. Since 1998, ASN says it has assisted more than 300 families and 500 pets, including dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits.  ASN provides veterinary care, nourishing food, behavioral enrichment and temporary safe shelter to animals in the program.

Available as a download, the spcaLA Animal Safety Net manual has what an organization needs to start their own ASN program. ASN has been making a difference in the Los Angeles community for nearly 20 years due to donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. ASN is not government-funded; nor is there a national SPCA or humane society that provides support.

The link between domestic violence, animal abuse, and child abuse is well-documented. According to ASN, 62 percent of its clients reported they would not have gone into a shelter, had they not been able to place their animal with spcaLA. They had good reason to fear for their pets’ safety; clients reported 23 percent of ASN pets had already suffered violence at the hands of their abusers. Knowing that their animal was safe and that reunification was possible helps survivors make it through a difficult time.

For more information, please contact Ana Bustilloz at 323-730-5300 x252, cell 323-707-1271 or [email protected].

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