Anthrax and Public Enemy’s Chuck D celebrate ‘Bring the Noise’ anniversary and Z2 Comics collaborations at 2021 New York Comic Con

October 9, 2021

by Carla Hay

Jonathan Donias, Joey Belladonna, Frank Bello, Scott Ian and Chuck D at New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on October 9, 2021. (Photo by Carla Hay)

In 1991, heavy metal band Anthrax and rap group Public Enemy (both New York-based acts) released their groundbreaking single “Bring the Noise,” which helped usher in and influence a musical movement of artists blending hard rock/heavy metal and rap. Artists such as Korn, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock (in his early career) owe a lot to how “Bring the Noise” laid the groundwork for the rap/heavy metal hybrid. The Anthrax/Public Enemy version of “Bring the Noise” was a remake of Public Enemy’s 1988 song “Bring the Noise.” Aerosmith and Run-DMC’s 1986 hit “Walk This Way” (which was a cover version of Aerosmith’s 1975 hit “Walk This Way”) was also an influence in merging rap and rock, but “Walk This Way” was more pop-leaning hard rock than heavy metal.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Bring the Noise,” Public Enemy leader Chuck D and the current members of Anthrax did a panel discussion together at the 2021 edition of New York Comic Con, held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Chuck D and members of Anthrax are also comic book enthusiasts and have collaborated with Z2 Comics to release graphic novels. Anthrax’s graphic novel “Among the Living” (named after the band’s 1987 album) was released in July 2021. Chuck D worked with Z2 Comics on the graphic novel “Apocalypse 91: The Revolution Never Sleeps” (released in June 2021), inspired by Public Enemy’s 1991 album “Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black.”

Chuck D, Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian, Anthrax lead singer Joey Belladonna, Anthrax bass player Frank Bello, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and Anthrax lead guitarist Jonathan Donias gathered for a lively panel discussion at New York Comic Con. After the panel discussion, Anthrax and Chuck D headed over the Z2 Comics booth in exhibition area, where they signed autographs (Anthrax signed copies of the “Among the Living”), posed for fan photos and took questions from fans. Here are some of the highlights from the Anthrax/Chuck D panel discussion.

Scott Ian and Chuck D at New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on October 9, 2021. (Photo by Carla Hay)

How and when did you get into comics?

Chuck D: I was born in 1960. So when Marvel started, it was the first thing I recognized, along with all the superheroes of DC [Comics]. Back when I was growing up, it was DC and Marvel. When I was in first grade in 1966, the amazing thing was Marvel had quasi-animation on [television] … I remember they had Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man. Comics were 12 cents [back then]. I was like, “Wow,” this matches up with the television [shows]. It was a great beginning.

I actually competed and drew my own comic books, but I also bought comic books. I didn’t front on Superman. He wasn’t corny. He was on TV. And then Batman came out on TV in 1966—Adam West and those dudes.

And then, the thing that really bit me, it wasn’t a comic, but “Star Trek” came out in 1967. I was 7, going on 8. That was really something. Those were the things that kind of took my imagination to the next realm.

I was growing up as a black kid in Queens. At the same time, you had Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. All that was going on with real people. It was also in that swirl that you could dare to dream and imagine. Muhammad Ali, he went from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, so he took on a superhero name.

Scott Ian: I still remember all the theme songs from those Marvel shows … My son knows those songs too … For me, it was similar to Chuck. [We’re] almost the same age. Growing up in Queens, I had an uncle who was 10 years older than me. When I would go over to his house, I would rifle through [his comic books].

Even before I could read, I would just sit there and look at the pictures of the Fantastic Four and Thor and Conan [the Barbarian]. That’s basically the first stuff I ever read was comic books. I credit [Marvel Comics iconic writer] Stan Lee with teaching me how to read. I was a card-carrying member on the Merry Marvel Marching Society in the 1960s … Comics is the most constant thing from the earliest age of my life.

Charlie Benante: I was on the opposite side. I was drawing the comics instead of reading them. I couldn’t wait to get the latest Hulk comic or Spider-Man comic, and learn how to draw from them. That art, that was inspiring to me. That’s all I cared about back then.

Like Chuck said about the TV shows, it was such a great thing to see them [the comic book characters] moving. The music in those shows was so awesome. Everything was great about those days.

Frank Bello: Growing up in the same household as Charlie [Editor’s note: Bello is Benante’s nephew] and watching him—I’m going to kiss his ass right now—I don’t know if you guys know this, but he’s a great artist. He does most of our artwork.

Growing up in that house and seeing the talent he had—this was even before music—just watching it got me into it. And, of course, the [TV] shows, they were great. I love that stuff. That’s a fantasy world we all need. It’s still important today.

Benante: It’s crazy how Judge Dredd came into the mix of music and comics. Scott would take if from there. Judge Dredd was such an amazing figure, to write about him. I remember the first time we played England, it was so huge. People were like “This is the greatest thing you guys have done.”

Ian: [He says jokingly] It was all planned … I was a huge Judge Dredd fan. I just remember hearing for the first time, Charlie had these riffs that became the [Anthrax] song “I Am the Law” [from the “Among the Living” album]. It sounded like a superhero theme song. It just clicked in my head.

Joey Belladonna: I like the [comic book] art. I’m with Charlie on the art. I got lucky. I moved Scott’s comics from one of his apartments. That was a lot of work. I couldn’t believe how heavy those boxes were.

Jonathan Donias: I’ve got to be honest. I don’t know much about comics. I had a Guns N’Roses comic as a kid.

How did your collaboration with Z2 Comics come together?

Benante: We tried to do a comic book for years. I always say that the last couple of [Anthrax] album covers were telling a story … And then COVID-19 hit. Josh [Frankel, publisher/owner of Z2 Comics] contacted us and said it would be a great idea to do a comic about the “Among the Living” album, but don’t take the songs the way that they were written on the record. Let people write their own story around the title. I was so excited about that. And everybody else was like, “Let’s do this.”

Ian: Yeah, we’d been asked to do a comic forever. And we’d always say no, because it’s always cheesy. They want to turn us into superheroes. I never want it to be us in the comic book. Anything we ever saw, or anything we were ever pitched [before Z2 Comics], was terrible. As someone who is a fan of that world, I just want it to be good.

When that idea was pitched to us: What if we have different writers take a song and see how it feels to them see what they take from that song? I was like, “Okay, I really like that idea, but here’s the wish list of people. Because if we can’t get the people we want, I still won’t want to do it, because I’m not writing it.” The first name on the list was Grant Morrison. I figured, “We’ll aim high.” And Grant said yes.

2021 New York Comic Con: What to expect at this year’s event


Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty in “The Boys” (Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video)

October 4, 2021

by Carla Hay

The 16th annual New York Comic Con takes place October 7 to October 10, 2021, in New York City. For the first time, New York Comic Con will be a hybrid event, where people can attend in person or virtually. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York Comic Con was cancelled as an in-person event in 2020 and instead presented as a scaled-down virtual-only event. Before the pandemic, New York Comic Con attracted about 250,000 people per year since 2017, according to ReedPOP, the company that produces the event. The first New York Comic Con took place in 2006.

In 2021, New York Comic Con’s main hub remains the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York Comic Con in 2021 has less activities, panels and locations than in previous years. For example, in 2019, New York Comic Con took place at several other locations in New York City, including Hammerstein Ballroom, the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, the New York Public Library, the Way Station (in Brooklyn) and AMC 34th Street. Anime Fest (an offshoot of Anime Expo that was presented in conjunction with New York Comic Con in 2018 and 2019) will not take place at New York Comic Con in 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in new safety requirements for New York Comic Con. All attendees ages 12 and up must show proof of vaccination. Attendees younger than age 12 must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated guardian and provide proof of either a negative rapid antigen COVID-19 test taken within six hours of entry to each day of the event,  or a negative lab PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of entry of each day of the event.

Checkpoints have been set up at or near the Javits Center for attendees to obtain wristbands indicating that people have shown proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. No one can be admitted into New York Comic Con without these wristbands. The checkpoint locations and open hours can be found here. All attendees must wear a face covering at all times while inside a New York Comic Con building, except when eating or drinking.

TV shows continue to dominate the most high-profile panels and activities. New York Comic Con in 2021 has the following TV shows with in-person panel showcases: Amazon Prime Video’s  superhero series “The Boys” on October 8; USA Network’s and Syfy’s horror series”Chucky” on October 8; Starz’s fantasy drama series “Outlander” on October 9; Paramount+’s sci-fi series “Star Trek: Discovery” on October 9;  FX’s sci-fi series “Y: The Last Man” on October 9; and FX’s vampire horror comedy series “What We Do in the Shadows” on October 10.

There are very few feature films that have panels at New York Comic Con this year. The movie panel that is expected to get the biggest crowd is Columbia Pictures’ “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” on October 8, featuring in-person appearances by director Jason Reitman, producer Ivan Reitman (who directed the first two “Ghostbusters” movies) and members of the “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” cast. Amazon Prime Video’s 2021 installment of its “Welcome to the Blumhouse” movie anthology horor series has a virtual-only panel on October 7. Funimation will have two in-person movie panels featuring the English-language voice cast members: “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” on October 8 and “Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train” on October 10.

In addition, New York Comic Con will have one-on-one Q&As that each spotlight a different actor: William Shatner (“Star Trek”) on October 7; George Takei (“Star Trek”) on October 8; and David Harbour (“Stranger Things,” “Black Widow”) on October 9. Meanwhile, in a virtual-only, pre-recorded Q&A on October 8, “Game of Thrones” alum Emilia Clarke discusses her comic book writing debut, “M.O.M.: Mother of Madness.”

Broadway stars are represented on several panels. “The Big Broadway Nerd Panel” will feature panelists such as Anthony Rapp (“Rent”) and James M. Iglehart (“Aladdin”) on October 8. Other Broadway-related panels include “The Broadway Bard Party” on October 9; “E-Ticket to Broadway” Podcast LIVE at Comic Con!” on October 9; “#BroadwayToHollywood: A New Age of Musicals” on October 10; and “Broadway’s A.J. Holmes: Creating One-Man Musical Yeah, But Not Right Now” on October 10.

The 2021 Harvey Awards Hall of Fame ceremony will be livestreamed during New York Comic Con on October  8. The recipients are manga artist Rumiko Takahashi (“Urusei Yatsura,” “Inuyasha”), horror illustrator Bernie Wrightson (“Swamp Thing”), painter and cover artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones, award-winning comic book artist Barry Windsor-Smith (“Conan the Barbarian,” “Weapon X”), and Michael Kaluta (“The Shadow,” “Starstruck”).

And, of course, there will be plenty of panels, exhibits and previews for comic books, video games, fantasy novels and other pop-culture attractions. It wouldn’t be a Comic Con without cosplaying and merchandise sales. The Cosplay Central area returns in a new location: on Level 1 in Room 1A02 (right across from Artist Alley) at the Javits Center. While at Cosplay Central, cosplayers can mingle, pose for photos, use the dressing rooms and attend panel discussions. New York Comic Con also has an enormous amount of merchandise for sale for numerous types of entertainment.


Several stars from movies and TV shows will have individual autograph sessions and/or photo opportunities with fans, for a fee. All celebrities are offering autographs and photos, unless otherwise noted. Prices will vary, according to the celebrity. Participants include:

  • John Cena (“The Suicide Squad,” “Peacemaker,” “F9”) on October 9.
  • Wes Chatham (“The Expanse”) on October 8  and October 9.
  • Hayden Christensen (“Star Wars: Attack of the Clones,” “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith”) on October 9 and October 10.
  • Chace Crawford (“The Boys”) on October 8 and October 9.
  • Karen Fukahara (“The Boys”) on October 8, October 9 and October 10.
  • David Harbour (“Stranger Things,” “Black Widow”) on October 9 and October 10.
  • Mary McDonnell (“Battlestar Galactica”) on October 7, October 8 and October 9.
  • Erin Moriarty (“The Boys”) on October 8, October 9 and October 10.
  • Kate Mulgrew (“Star Trek: Voyager,” “Star Trek: Prodigy”) on October 9.
  • Edward James Olmos (“Battlestar Galactica”) on October 7, October 8 and October 9.
  • Jack Quaid (“The Boys”) on October 8, October 9 and October 10.
  • William Shatner (“Star Trek”) on October 7, October 8 and October 9. (Autographs only.)
  • Jurnee Smollett (“Lovecraft Country,” “Birds of Prey”) on October 9.
  • Antony Starr (“The Boys”) on October 8, October 9 and October 10.
  • Steven Strait (“The Expanse”) on October 8 and October 9.
  • George Takei (“Star Trek”) on October 7, October 8 and October 9.
  • Janet Varney (“The Legend of Korra”) on October 8.


(All panel descriptions are courtesy of New York Comic Con.)

Virtual = Panelists will not appear in person; panel is available for viewing in person and online.

In Person = Panelists will appear in person; panel is available for viewing in person and online.

“Welcome to Earth”

October 7, 2021, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

See the planet as you’ve never witnessed it before with “Welcome to Earth,” the new, awe-inspiring Disney+ original series from National Geographic and starring Will Smith. Meet the Explorers that guide Will through an intimate journey as he travels to the ends of the Earth to observe the strangest, most unusual, and dangerous spectacles the planet has to offer. Learn directly from the Explorers what it takes to unlock some of nature’s most well kept secrets.

“Among the Stars

October 7, 2021, 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

“Among the Stars” is a six-part Disney+ original series with fly-on-the-wall access into the world of NASA. With cameras stationed on both Earth and the International Space Station, the series follows NASA astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy for one last mission to repair the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) which aims to reveal the origins of the universe. Hear directly from the Astronauts and scientists who take on space missions and the challenges they face every day!

“The World According to Jeff Goldblum”

October 7, 2021, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

Jeff Goldblum is back, and he’s as curious as ever. For season two of the Disney+ original series, premiering on Disney+ Day November 12, Jeff uncovers the surprising secrets and passionate people behind a whole new host of topics, including magic and illusions. Jeff finds out just how magic has shaped the world we live in. Join Jeff along with legendary Magicians Penn & Teller as well as Street Magician Erik Blackwell to go behind the curtain of the mysterious world of MAGIC.

“Battlestar Galactica Retrospective”

October 7, 2021, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM (In person)

Main Stage 1D Hall

The stars of the iconic show are coming to New York Comic Con! Join Edward James Olmos (Commander William Adama) and Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin) as they recount their journey aboard the Battlestar Galactica and answer questions from fans. Cylons and Humans are both welcome. So Say We All!

“Blade Runner: Black Lotus”

October 7, 2021, 6:45 – 7:45 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

Explore the intricate approach to writing the dystopian future with the producers and directors of “Blade Runner: Black Lotus” with futurist, Maurice Conti, who shares his take on how the Blade Runner world stacks up against our future.

“The Legend of Vox Machina”

October 8, 2021, 11 AM – 12 PM (Virtual)

Main Stage 1D Hall

“The Legend of Vox Machina” is an animated fantasy-adventure series for adults that follows Vox Machina, a band of misfits with a fondness for boozing and brawling. In a desperate attempt to pay off their mounting bar tab, these unlikely heroes end up on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces. From a sinister necromancer to a powerful curse, the group confronts a variety of obstacles that not only test their skills, but also the strength of their bond. Join the entire cast of Critical Role as they discuss the process of adapting a role-playing game (RPG) campaign into a series for Amazon Prime Video, as well as share a special sneak peek of footage from the series. Please note, this panel is recommended for mature audiences and contains content not suitable for younger audiences.


October 8, 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Everyone’s favorite killer doll is coming to television! Join us for the world premiere of the first episode of the new series “Chucky,” ahead of its October 12 debut on USA and Syfy, followed by an exclusive conversation between creator and showrunner Don Mancini and franchise icon Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany Valentine). Get ready to play!

“I Know What You Did Last Summer”

October 8, 2021, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM (Virtual)

Room 404/405

Written and executive produced by Sara Goodman, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is based on Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel, which was also the basis of the iconic 1997 film. One year after the fatal car accident that haunted their graduation night, a group of teenagers find themselves bound together by a dark secret and stalked by a brutal killer. As they try to piece together who’s after them, they reveal the dark side of their seemingly perfect town—and themselves. Everyone is hiding something, and uncovering the wrong secret could be deadly. Join the series cast and creator as they discuss what fans can most look forward to when the series premieres Friday, October 15, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Please note, this panel is recommended for mature audiences and contains content not suitable for younger audiences.

“The Boys”

October 8, 2021, 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Join Karen Fukuhara, Erin Moriarty, Jack Quaid and Antony Starr as they look back on their favorite moments from the first two seasons of “The Boys.”


October 8, 2021, 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

“Evil” is a psychological mystery that examines the origins of evil along the dividing line between science and religion. The series focuses on a skeptical female psychologist who joins a priest-in-training and contractor as they investigate the Church’s backlog of unexplained mysteries, including supposed miracles, demonic possessions and hauntings. Their job is to assess if there’s a logical explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work. The second season brings evil closer to home. Kristen struggles with her darker nature, while David suffers temptation as he gets closer to his ordination. Meanwhile Ben is visited by night terrors that prey on his greatest fears. Please join series stars Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi, Michael Emerson, Christine Lahti and Kurt Fuller, along with co-creators and executive producers Robert King and Michelle King for a panel discussion about the second season. “Evil” airs Sundays on Paramount+.


October 9, 2021, 11 AM – 12 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Travel through the stones of Craigh na Dun and go back in time with the cast and executive producers of “Outlander” as they take on New York Comic Con in support of the sixth season, premiering early 2022.

“All Elite Wrestlng”

October 9, 2021, 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM (In Person)

Main Stage 1D Hall

Join the stars of “All Elite Wrestling” as they take the stage at New York Comic Con once again for a ringside view of their wildly popular wrestling shows airing weekly on TNT. Panelists: Orange Cassidy, Tony Schiavone, Adam Cole, Thunder Rosa, Darby Allin.

“Star Trek: Discovery”

October 9, 2021, 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

In advance of the season four return of “Star Trek: Discovery” on Paramount+, join cast members Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Wilson Cruz, David Ajala and Blu Del Barrio and executive producer Michelle Paradise as they tease the upcoming season of the hit series, which finds Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery facing a threat unlike any they’ve ever encountered. With Federation and non-Federation worlds alike feeling the impact, they must confront the unknown and work together to ensure a hopeful future for all. Produced by CBS Studios, “Star Trek Discovery” will premiere on Paramount+ on November 18.

“Psych 3: This Is Gus”

October 9, 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (Virtual)

Room 404/405

Calling all Psych-Os! Wait for iiiiiiiiiit……the Psych cast is back with an all-new movie! In preparation for a shotgun wedding before the birth of Baby Guster, Shawn and Groomzilla Gus go rogue in an attempt to track down Selene’s estranged husband, as Lassiter grapples with the future of his career. The cast and creators of the Peacock Original, “Psych 3: This Is Gus” reunite to discuss the upcoming film and reveal some exciting news! Moderated by Chancellor Agard.

“The Expanse”

October 9, 2021, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (In Person)

Main Stage 1D Hall

Join the main leads: Wes Chatham and Steven Strait of the hit Amazon show “The Expanse,” as they reflect on the series and answer fan questions!


October 9, 2021, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM (Virtual)

Room 404/405

“Hanna” follows the journey of an extraordinary young woman as she strives to destroy Utrax, the sinister organization that genetically engineered her and others to be the perfect assassins. In the upcoming third season, Hanna attempts to destroy Utrax with the help of troubled ex-CIA agent Marissa Wiegler. The story crisscrosses Europe and builds to a dramatic climax when Hanna and Marissa discover the true, horrifying scope of the operation as well as who was ultimately behind it all. Join the cast and creators as they preview season 3, coming to Amazon Prime Video this fall.

“One of Us Is Lying”

October 9, 2021, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Virtual)

Room 404/405

Meet the cast and executive producers of Peacock’s highly-anticipated new original series “One of Us Is Lying.” Based on Karen M. McManus’s New York Times best-selling novel of the same title, this is the story of what happens when five high schoolers walk into detention and only four make it out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide. Join the cast and EPs of the Peacock Original series, Annalisa Cochrane (Addy), Chibuikem Uche (Cooper), Marianly Tejada (Bronwyn), Cooper van Grootel (Nate), and Mark McKenna (Simon), as well as executive producer Erica Saleh and showrunner/executive producer Darío Madrona, to discuss how they brought this fan-favorite book to life. Moderated by Ashley Bellman. ”One of Us Is Lying” starts streaming October 7, exclusively on Peacock.

“The 4400”

October 9, 2021, 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

Based on the original TV series by Scott Peters and Renee Echevarria, 4400 overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized people who vanished without a trace over the last hundred years are all returned in an instant, having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. Join series stars Brittany Adebumola, Joseph David-Jones, Ireon Roach, TL Thompson, Jaye Ladymore, Derrick A. King, Khailah Johnson, Cory Jeacoma, AMARR, and Autumn Best in a conversation moderated by showrunners Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar as they discuss the exciting, reimagined story and what to expect when the series premieres Monday, October 25 on The CW.

“Y: The Last Man”

October 9, 2021, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Based on the best-selling comics from Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, FX’s highly anticipated adaptation of “Y: The Last Man” traverses a post-apocalyptic world in which a cataclysmic Event kills every mammal with a Y chromosome except for one cisgender man and his pet monkey. The series follows the survivors of this new world as they struggle with their efforts to restore what was lost and the opportunity to build something better. Currently streaming on FX on Hulu, join Executive Producer/Writer/Showrunner Eliza Clark and cast for and advanced screening of Episode 7 and a moderated discussion about how they updated the beloved books and brought them to life.

“The Girl in the Woods”

October 9, 2021, 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM (In Person)

Room 411

Peacock brings NYCC an exclusive first look at “The Girl in the Woods,” a much-anticipated series adaptation of one of the biggest IPs in Crypt TV’s monster universe. Set in the Pacific Northwest, “The Girl in the Woods” follows Carrie’s escape from her mysterious, cult-like colony that guards the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door within the woods. Join executive producers Jack Davis and Darren Brandl (Crypt TV), co-executive producer Jasmine Johnson, and director and co-executive producer Krysten Ritter as they discuss bringing this supernatural story to life and what fans can expect when the Peacock Original YA drama “The Girl in the Woods” premieres Thursday, October 21, exclusively on Peacock.

“The Hot Zone: Anthrax”

October 10, 2021, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

Nat Geo’s “The Hot Zone” anthology series delves into real-life stories of outbreaks and the heroes on the frontlines. Following the dark days of 9/11, America faced a second wave of attacks: the anthrax letters, which targeted journalists and politicians. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the haunting attacks that killed five people and caused panic across the United States. Inspired by true events, “The Hot Zone: Anthrax” is a timely scientific thriller that follows an FBI Special Agent as he tracks down the killer. While many of us can remember the breaking news headlines and widespread fear that arose during this time, there are many layers to this shocking and unbelievable story that have not yet been told. In this panel, go behind-the-scenes of this chilling crime story with co-stars Tony Goldwyn and Daniel Dae Kim, and showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson.

“Star Trek: Prodigy”

October 10, 2021, 12:45 PM – 2:00 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Join Paramount+, CBS Studios and Nickelodeon for a premiere screening for the whole family of the highly anticipated upcoming “Star Trek” animated kids’ series “Star Trek: Prodigy.” Following the screening, voice cast members Kate Mulgrew, Brett Gray, Rylee Alazraqui and Dee Bradley Baker, producers Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman and Ben Hibon, and Ramsey Naito, President, Animation & Development, Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Animation, will take the stage for a moderated panel discussion.

Developed by Emmy® Award-winners Kevin and Dan Hageman (“Trollhunters” and “Ninjago”) the CG-animated series “Star Trek: Prodigy” is the first “Star Trek” series aimed at younger audiences and will follow a motley crew of young aliens who must figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search for a better future. These six young outcasts know nothing about the ship they have commandeered – a first in the history of the Star Trek Franchise – but over the course of their adventures together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents. Produced by the Nickelodeon Animation Studio and CBS Studios, “Star Trek: Prodigy” will premiere on Paramount+ on October 28.

“Just Beyond”

October 10, 2021, 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

Inspired by the writings of R.L. Stine, the Disney+ series “Just Beyond” tells astonishing and thought-provoking stories of a reality just beyond the one we know. In each of the eight unique stories, viewers meet a new cast of characters who must go on a surprising journey of self-discovery in a supernatural world of witches, aliens, ghosts and parallel universes. Join cast Cedric Joe, Megan Stott, Lexi Underwood along with creator and executive producer Seth Grahame-Smith and co-executive producer R.L. Stine for a Q&A moderated by TV Guide Magazine’s Damian Holbrook

“The Badass Women of ‘The Walking Dead'”

October 10, 2021, 2:00 – 3:00 PM (Virtual)

Room 404/405

We’ve seen the women of The Walking Dead Universe take down massive herds, horrible villains and lead their communities through hardship. This panel will celebrate the evolution of these fierce, strong female leads from every walk of life, starting from when we are first introduced to these characters and how we’ve watched them survive the apocalypse. Join EPs, directors and cast members as they discuss their favorite character storylines, their journeys and the importance of having strong female representation onscreen. Panelists: Alexa Mansour, Aliyah Royale, Angela Kang, Annet Mahendru, Christine Evangelista, Denise Huth, Jenna Elfman, Karen David, Lauren Cohan, Paola Lazaro. Moderator: Yvette Nicole Brown.

“What We Do in the Shadows'”

October 10, 2021, 2:45 – 3:45 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

FX’s Emmy®-nominated vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows” returns to New York Comic Con for a live discussion with members of the cast and creative team. Catch a special presentation of an upcoming episode and join special guests in a lively conversation about the series Rolling Stone named “the funniest show on television.” What We Do in the Shadows is a documentary-style look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of four vampires who’ve “lived” together for hundreds of years. Seasons 3 currently airs Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on FX and streams the next day on FX on Hulu.  Don’t miss the chance to attend the Vampiric Council of the Eastern Seaboard of the New World’s first public meeting! BAT!


(All panel descriptions are courtesy of New York Comic Con.)

Virtual = Panelists will not appear in person; panel is available for viewing in person and online.

In Person = Panelists will appear in person; panel is available for viewing in person and online.

“Welcome to the Blumhouse”

October 7, 2021, 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM (Virtual)

Room 411

This October, Welcome to the Blumhouse returns exclusively to Amazon Prime Video with the worldwide release of four electrifying new thrillers that plumb the depths of humanity’s deepest and darkest fears: “Bingo Hell” (directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero), “Black as Night” (directed by Maritte Lee Go), “Madres” (directed by Ryan Zaragoza) and “The Manor” (directed by Axelle Carolyn). Join all four directors, with a special introduction by Founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions Jason Blum, as they discuss the importance of showcasing female and emerging directors while delivering original stories to audiences everywhere. “Bingo Hell” and “Black as Night” premiere October 1, “Madres” and “The Manor” premiere October 8, all on Amazon Prime Video. Panel moderated by Dino-Ray Ramos.

“My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission”

October 8, 2021, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Your sneak peek into the next chapter of the global anime phenomenon starts here. Presented by Funimation, the panel includes an exclusive preview of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Hear from the dub cast and crew before the movie hits theaters October 29! Panelists: Voice cast members Ryan Colt Levy (Rody), Sarah Roach (Clair Voyance), Lisa Oritz (Burnin), Cristina Vee (Pino), Series and movie ADR Script Writer, Jeramey Kraatz. Moderator: Lauren Moore.

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

October 8, 2021, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman will be joined by some of the cast of Sony Pictures’ “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” for an in-depth conversation. The panel will cover the highly-anticipated new film and the franchise at-large, one of the most beloved in pop culture history. In addition to insightful conversation the panel will feature never-before-seen clips from the film.

“Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train”

October 9, 2021, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (In Person)

Empire Stage

Board the Mugen Train once again! Presented by Funimation, this panel is your deep dive into “Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train.” Join the English voices of some of your favorite characters as they discuss everything from heart-wrenching scenes to moments that fans love most.

DC Universe expands under new name DC Universe Infinite; DC Universe video content moves to HBO Max

September 18, 2020

The following is a press release from DC Entertainment:

Calling all comic book fans to Explore the Multiverse! DC today announced the evolution of DC UNIVERSE into DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, a premium digital comic book service set to launch on January 21, 2021. With access to more than 24,000 comic books at launch, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers will also encounter digital-first comics, exclusive access to DC fan events, as well as a steady stream of recently released comics six months after the physical versions hit store shelves. Following its initial launch, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will begin expanding globally in SUMMER 2021.

“Our fans love the platform’s robust library of comic books and, with the transformation, we will not disappoint,” said DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee. “I’m excited to share that not only will DC UNIVERSE INFINITE members still be able to read all of the great comics that they’ve enjoyed but new issues are debuting on the platform quicker than before, digital first exclusives are being created, and the members-only events will begin as soon as possible. There has never been a better time to be a DC fan!”

DC’s premium digital comic book platform provides members with an expanded collection of comics and Original Graphic Novels, spanning over 80 years of the DC Multiverse. Fans can also download comics, graphic novels and originals for unlimited offline reading on their favorite devices from a smartphone or tablet.

Subscribers will also have earlier access to new Digital First comics that include titles such as Aquaman: Deep Dives, Batman: Gotham Nights, DCeased: Hope at World’s End, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red, Injustice: Year Zero, Shazam!: Lightning Strikes, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Swamp Thing: New Roots and Wonder Woman 84, and many more. Also debuting on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will be DC Universe Infinite Originals, including new comic content centered around beloved characters…stay tuned for updates!

The fan-favorite community area will be free to all registered and premium subscribers with a full calendar of events planned for 2021. Current DC UNIVERSE subscribers will not need to create a new account as their DC UNIVERSE login will transfer to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

For DC UNIVERSE subscribers who want ongoing access to premium DC originals, the special DC UNIVERSE monthly member offer to HBO MAX has been extended. In celebration of Batman Day and the announcement of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, the special offer for eligible monthly subscribers to upgrade their service to include HBO Max for an additional $4.99 per month for a limited time is now available through October 30, 2020.

HBO Max will be the home for premium video content that will include new DC series, key DC classics and DC UNIVERSE originals like Young Justice Seasons 1-4, Titans Seasons 1-3, Doom Patrol Seasons 1-3, and DC’s Stargirl Season 1. Additionally, HBO Max has ordered a third season of Warner Bros. Animation’s critically acclaimed DC UNIVERSE adult animated comedy series Harley Quinn, starring Kaley Cuoco, who also served as executive producer during the first two seasons along with Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, Dean Lorey, and Sam Register. Harley Quinn will be a Max Original going forward, and all three seasons of the show will be available.



DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is the ultimate comic book subscription service. With access to more than 24,000 comic books at launch, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers will also encounter digital-first comics, member access to DC fan events, as well as a steady stream of recently released comics six months after their physical versions hit store shelves.

What content will be available on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE?

The Biggest DC Digital Comic Book Library Anywhere, Ever: An expanded collection of 24,000+ DC Multiverse titles including select graphic novels, Black Label, with more to come!

Earlier Access: DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers no longer have to wait a year. New release comics are now available 6 months after they hit stores!

DC Universe Infinite Originals: First-access to a collection of titles before they’re available anywhere else!

In addition, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will feature news and behind-the-scenes looks at DC Comics as well as full access to the DC character encyclopedia.

On what platforms will DC UNIVERSE INFINITE be available?

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will be available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablets and online for web and mobile web at

Will I have access to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE on my TV or Amazon tablet?

In December of 2020 DC UNIVERSE will no longer be available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon TV and tablet, and Xbox apps.

When will DC UNIVERSE INFINITE be available?

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will launch January 21, 2021.

How much will DC UNIVERSE INFINITE cost?

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will add a larger and more recent set of titles to its existing comics library at the same low price of $74.99/year and $7.99/month.

Eligible members of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE as of February 1, 2021 will also receive a “thank you” voucher to the DC Shop, subject to terms and conditions. Annual subscribers will receive a $25 voucher while monthly subscribers will receive a $10 voucher.

Will DC UNIVERSE INFINITE be available outside of the United States?

At launch in January 2021, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will only be available in the United States. Expanding to our international fans is important to us so we are working to bring DC UNIVERSE INFINITE to additional countries by summer 2021. Stay tuned for more updates.

I am already a DC UNIVERSE subscriber – how do I become a DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscriber?

Starting in October 2020, DC UNIVERSE subscribers will be able to confirm that they would like to continue their account to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE when it launches. Confirming your account will provide uninterrupted access through the transition from DC UNIVERSE to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE. More information on this process will be available soon.

As a thank you, any subscriber who confirms and maintains their account through the launch of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will also be eligible to receive a “thank you” DC Shop voucher of $25 for annual subscribers and $10 for monthly subscribers, subject to terms and conditions.

I am not a current DC UNIVERSE subscriber can I sign up for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE?

Yes — starting in October users will be able to sign-up for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

How can I continue to access the DC UNIVERSE community?

Access to community will remain unchanged for all DC UNIVERSE members – whether premium or registered via the web through our evolution. We have exciting things in store in the year ahead – stay tuned for more details!

Will you be digging into all the new issues hitting DC UNIVERSE INFINITE? Let us know in our Community!

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will be available online at, iOS and Android devices for $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year ($6.25 a month). On February 1, 2021, every DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscriber, existing members or those joining during the pre-order offer window will receive a special thank you voucher redeemable at the DC Shop subject to terms and conditions. Annual subscribers will receive a $25 voucher, while monthly subscribers will receive a $10 voucher.

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ most influential icon, dead at 95

November 12, 2018

by Carla Hay

Stan Lee (Photo courtesy of Tinseltown Shutterstock)

Stan Lee, a co-creator of numerous iconic Marvel Comics characters, including Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on November 12, 2018, according to the Associated Press. He was 95.

Lee (whose real name was Stan Lieber) was born in New York City, and began his career in 1939 as an illustrator’s assistant/gopher at Timely Comics (which would later morph into Atlas Comics and then Marvel Comics), eventually rising to editor-in-chief in 1941 and publisher in 1972. Along with several collaborators (including Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber and Don Heck), Lee co-created the characters that became Marvel’s most famous and the basis of most of the mega-successful Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies.  In addition, to Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, Lee was a co-creator of such Marvel characters as Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Thor, Black Panther, X-Men, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Black Widow and War Machine. The Avengers are a group of superheroes that were mostly co-created by Lee, who helped Marvel’s business expand into movies and television, with Lee being a producer or executive producer on the vast majority of film and TV releases with Marvel characters.

Lee had cameos in all of the MCU movies that were made before his death, from 2008’s “Iron-Man” to the still-untitled fourth “Avengers” movie that is set for release in 2019. He also had cameos in Sony Pictures’ movies starring Marvel characters (such as all of the “Spider-Man” movies and 2018’s “Venom”), as well as Fox’s movies starring Marvel characters, such as the “X-Men” series, the “Fantastic Four” movies, the “Deadpool” movies, 2003’s “Daredevil” and several Marvel-related TV series.

In the 1990s, Lee left his position as Marvel Comics publisher, but for the rest of his life, he was still tied to Marvel as chairman emeritus and as a producer/executive producer on various Marvel-related projects. He and Peter Paul co-founded the company Stan Lee Media in 1998, but the company filed for bankruptcy in 2001, after a stock-manipulation scandal that did not involve Lee but involved Paul, who eventually pled guilty to the crime. Lee then went on to co-found POW! Entertainment in 2001. Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009.

The last two years of Lee’s life were filled with grief and turmoil. In 2017, his wife, Joan, died at the age of 95, after 39 years of marriage. He was also caught up lawsuits and counter-lawsuits surrounding control of POW! Entertainment and his estimated $70 million fortune. (Lee’s $1 billion lawsuit against POW! Entertainment was dropped in July 2018, two months after the lawsuit was filed.) And there were stories of abuse and Lee’s alleged mental-health issues, with Lee accused of being both an abuser and a victim. A former caregiver claimed that Lee sexually harassed her, while a separate accusation claimed that he was the target of elder abuse by caregivers.

Before his health problems, Lee was an active and regular fixture at comic conventions around the world. From 2012 to 2018, Lee’s POW! Entertainment partnered with Comikaze Expo to present the Los Angeles comic convention Stan Lee’s Comikaze, which in 2016 was renamed Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. In October 2018, Comikaze announced the end of its partnership with Lee and POW! Entertainment, and the event has been renamed Beyond Fest Expo LA. Lee’s last major public appearance was at the Los Angeles premiere of “Avengers: Infinity War” on April 23, 2018. Lee is survived by his daughter Joan Celia “J. C.” Lee.

DC Universe announces launch; digital subscription service gives members exclusive content, including original series, merchandise, sweepstakes

June 28, 2018

(Image courtesy of DC Universe)
(Image courtesy of DC Universe)

The following is a press release from DC Universe:

DC Universe is a first-of-its-kind digital subscription service that gives fans access to exclusive content and experiences not available anywhere else. With membership, fans will enjoy all-new original live-action and animated series, classic TV series and films, a curated selection of digital comic books, breaking news, an expansive DC-centric encyclopedia, and access to exclusive merchandise. Additional fan features include opportunities to connect with others in the DC community, earn premium rewards and participate in sweepstakes and contests.

“Developing new ways for consumers to access some of our most popular and iconic brands and franchises as well as exclusive new content whenever they want, on the devices they choose, is one of our studio’s top priorities,” said Craig Hunegs, president, Warner Bros. Digital Networks. “The DC UNIVERSE platform gives fans a place to tailor their experience and build a direct relationship with DC in a way they never could before.”

Members of DC Universe can:

Watch exclusive originals and classic favorites; read from an extensive list of curated comic books; connect with the DC community; explore the latest breaking news and the ever-expanding DC encyclopedia; Win premium rewards and participate in sweepstakes and contests; shop for exclusive merchandise.

Fans can sign up today for an opportunity for beta access, which will open in August 2018. Beta access will give members a chance to test the new digital experience and provide valuable feedback on the early version of the service before it goes live later this fall 2018.

“DC Universe is so much more than a streaming service. It’s a welcoming place for everyone to immerse themselves in their own level of DC fandom, with the epic characters, stories, and experiences they have come to expect from DC,” said Jim Lee, chief creative officer and publisher, DC Entertainment. “We are investing in and creating original, high-quality shows including the new Titans series, and curating the most beloved nostalgic content, while at the same time elevating the comic reading experience to new heights. Nothing this robust has ever been offered to fans before.”


At the heart of DC Universe will be all-new exclusive original live-action and animated series based on DC’s iconic characters. Developed by Warner Bros. Television, “Swamp Thing” and “Doom Patrol” are scheduled to debut in 2019, following the dramatic, live-action adventure series “Titans” which premieres later this year. Warner Bros. Animation is also developing a slate of animated TV series based on existing fan favorites, including “Harley Quinn” and the highly anticipated third season of the popular “Young Justice: Outsiders” animated series which are both scheduled to debut in 2019.

“Titans” follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic “Teen Titans” franchise. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes.

“Doom Patrol” is a reimagining of one of DC’s strangest group of outcasts: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder, they’re called into action by the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg. Banding together these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC Universe.

“Swamp Thing” follows Abby Arcane as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana but soon discovers that the swamp holds mystical and terrifying secrets. When unexplainable and chilling horrors emerge from the murky marsh, no one is safe.

“Young Justice: Outsiders” features the return of the fan favorite animated series with a huge cast of DC’s most iconic young superheroes – plus brand-new characters, many of whom are just discovering their unique meta-powers and special abilities. Set against the backdrop of a rich, deep world that touches all corners of the DC Universe, the season focuses on meta-trafficking, and an intergalactic arms race for control of these super-powered youths.

“Harley Quinn” follows Harley’s adventures after she breaks up with the Joker and strikes out on her own in this new adult animated comedy. With the help of Poison Ivy and a ragtag crew of DC castoffs, Harley tries to earn a seat at the biggest table in villainy: the Legion of the Doom.

An assortment of DC’s most beloved superhero films will also be available at launch for exclusive streaming windows, including all four original “Superman” movies as well as a selection of epic animated movies including “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox,” “Green Lantern: First Flight” and “Wonder Woman.” The service will also feature classic TV shows, including the first two seasons of “Batman: The Animated Series” and the original “Wonder Woman” series available for the first time in HD.


The DC Universe comics reader will include native, untethered access across devices from a smartphone or tablet to a living room screen rendered in vivid detail. Fans can scroll through some of their favorite comics from the comfort of their couch with family or friends and see this vibrant art form come to life like never before. A curated selection of thousands of DC comics will be available to DC Universe members from a library that includes decades of comics creations.

Members can read some of the most famous stories in comic book history such as the first 1938 Action Comics that introduced Superman to the world as well as Detective Comics #27 which first introduced Batman in 1939. Other titles include Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s iconic “Justice League” (2011), “Swamp Thing” (2011) written by Scott Snyder, and “Harley Quinn” (2013) written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. Rotating selections will cater to both members new to comics and passionate fans looking for hard-to-find titles. Comics can also be downloaded for reading offline on a smartphone or tablet.

“We wanted the DC Universe comic reader to be a blend of art and technology that would further enhance fan’s experiences of the live-action and animated programming on DC Universe” said Dan DiDio, publisher, DC Entertainment. “This hand-curated selection from our decades of comic creations gives fans a thematic digital longbox to carry with them on the device of their choosing or lets them watch exclusive video content on a big screen followed by the comic that inspired it.”


The community within DC Universe will be a place where members can rate, create and share their own personalized playlists of their favorite heroes and villains. Members can personalize their profile and select their own avatar, be it Superman, Wonder Woman, or another heroic character or symbol. Designed to be a place for finding commonality and sharing favorite rivalries or the latest list of must-read comic books, members will have a forum for posting information, finding friendship and sharing their DC passions in a shared, moderated space within DC Universe.


Latest news, an extensive DC encyclopedia, and chances to win round out the membership benefits of DC Universe. Short-form news, interviews and previews in daily video segments will keep fans up-to-date on the latest from all corners of the DC Universe. The ever-expanding DC encyclopedia, to which fans can contribute, will house bios of hundreds of DC characters and places. In addition, members will have chances to win premium rewards, including game unlocks, first-chance access to pop-culture events, exclusive experiences and more.


Exclusively for DC Universe members, DC Collectibles – the award-winning line of collectibles from DC Entertainment – will offer a wide range of new action figures and collector’s items based on DC’s iconic characters and stories. Members will have exclusive access to all-new six-inch Justice League Animated action figures based on designs from the fan-favorite animated series (2001-2004), starting in fall 2018. In addition to DC Collectibles, members will have access to a wide range of exclusive, curated and hard-to-find DC merchandise from a variety of licensing partners before the rest of the world.

The operation of DC Universe will be managed by Sam Ades, general manager and senior vice president, Warner Bros. Digital Networks, based in Burbank. The digital media executive formerly served as the senior vice president, direct to consumer, for DC Entertainment, where he was responsible for creating and executing DC’s digital marketing strategy.

DC Universe will be available in the United States at launch on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV, as well as the web and mobile web. To learn more and register for an opportunity for beta access, visit and follow DC UNIVERSE on social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


DC Universe, launching in 2018, is a standalone digital experience designed for the DC fan. Showcasing DC’s iconic characters, DC Universe offers new original live-action and animated series, legendary films and series, and epic animated movies, as well as a fan community, a curated selection of comic books, and exclusive merchandise. DC Universe is operated by Warner Bros. Digital Networks in collaboration with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Labs. DC Universe offers access to exclusive content and experiences not available anywhere else. To learn more, visit


DC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash), DC Vertigo (Sandman, Fables) and MAD, is the creative division charged with strategically integrating across Warner Bros. and WarnerMedia. DC Entertainment works in concert with many key Warner Bros. divisions to unleash its stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, and interactive games. Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world.


Warner Bros. Digital Networks (WBDN) creates, builds, and operates direct-to-consumer digital services, digital premium content, and experiences. The WBDN team is chartered with bringing together a diverse portfolio of iconic brands and innovative, exclusive premium content, focused on serving digital-first audiences. Leveraging the studio’s iconic franchises and vast library, WBDN’s portfolio includes DC Universe, DramaFever, Boomerang, and Filmstruck in partnership with Turner. WBDN also produces and distributes premium digital series through Stage 13 and Machinima and in partnership with LeBron James’ Uninterrupted and Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Digital Ventures. Warner Bros. Digital Networks’ premium programming and digital offerings put viewers at the center of entertainment, sports, gaming, and pop culture, reaching audiences anywhere, across any platform.


2018 New York Comic Con: Jason Momoa, Aisha Tyler, ‘Outlander’ stars set to make appearances

June 27, 2018

by Carla Hay

New York Comic Con 2018

Jason Momoa; "Outlander" stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Hueghan; Aisha Tyle
Pictured from left to right: Jason Momoa; “Outlander” stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Hueghan; Aisha Tyler. (Photo credits, from left to right: Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures; Starz; Francis Specker/CBS)

Jason Momoa (“Aquaman,” “Justice League”), Aisha Tyler (“Archer”) and “Outlander” stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Hueghan are among the celebrities set to make appearances at the 13th annual New York Comic Con, which will take place October 4 to October 7, 2018 in New York City. The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is the main hub of the event, but several event activities will take place at other venues in the city. For the first time, Starz’s popular series “Outlander” will have a panel at New York Comic Con; the panel will take place on October 6.

Other celebrities announced for the event so far include “Lois & Clark” stars Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher; “Boy Meets World”/”Girl Meets World” stars Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle; and “Impractical Jokers” stars Joe Gatto, James Murray and Bruan Quinn. Most of these stars will be signing autographs at the event.

A complete schedule of 2018 New York Comic Con panels, activities and other celebrity appearances will be announced in the coming weeks.

New York Comic Con, which is produced by ReedPOP, was attended by a record-setting 200,000 people in 2017, according to ReedPop. The event is now the highest-attended comic-book/pop-culture fan convention in North America. Movies and TV programs that were showcased at the 2017 New York Comic Con included “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” “Replicas,” “The Walking Dead,” “Doctor Who,” “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Castle Rock.”

Danai Gurira (Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Codeblack Films)

July 20, 2018 UPDATE: Danai Gurira (“Black Panther,” “The Walking Dead”) is set to make an appearance at New York Comic Con. She will be doing photo-ops and signing autographs on October 6 and October 7.  “The Walking Dead” has traditionally had a panel at New York Comic Con. Since 2016, the panel has been held at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. It hasn’t been officially announced yet if “The Walking Dead” panel will take place at New York Comic Con 2018, but if it will, then the panel is expected to be held on Saturday, October 6.

2017 New York Comic Con: What to expect at this year’s event

October 5, 2017

by Carla Hay

New York Comic Con

The 12th annual New York Comic Con takes place October 5 to October 8 in New York City. The event is expected to draw at least 180,000 people, according to ReedPOP, company that produces the event. New York Comic Con’s main hub is at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, but there are also numerous activities taking place at several other locations in the city, including Hammerstein Ballroom, Hudson Mercantile, the New York Public Library and the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

TV shows dominate the most high-profile panels and activities. There are some movies due to be released in theaters that will be showcased at the event. And, of course, there will be plenty of panels, exhibits and previews for comic books, video games, fantasy novels and other pop-culture attractions.

This year, New York Comic Con has joined forces with Keanu Reeves, Hollywood and Puerto Rico Filmmakers and CINE to raise money for he Puerto Rico Film Friends Relief Fund, which will help victims and survivors of Hurricane Maria. Click here to donate or for more information. Reeves will be at New York Comic Con on October 5 to promote his movie “Replicas.”

Here is a list of the TV and movie panels that are expected to draw the largest crowds*:


BBC America Presents: Peter Capaldi Spotlight

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 6, 2017, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Peter Capaldi, star of BBC America’s “Doctor Who,” will head the list of top talent set to attend NYCC. Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, is a Spotlight guest and will join fans for a panel on Friday, October 6. The fan Q&A marks his return to NYCC and is a very special moment leading up to the highly-anticipated Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time, which is Peter Capaldi’s final episode in the iconic hit series. As previously revealed in the closing moments of the season finale, the special will feature Capaldi’s current Doctor team up with the First Doctor, played by David Bradley.

Rooster Teeth’s “RWBY”

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 6, 2017, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Rooster Teeth’s global hit western anime series “RWBY” returns to New York Comic Con, and the cast and crew are here with an exclusive sneak peek at Volume 5. Join Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, and Gray G. Haddock for exciting “RWBY” news, hilarious behind-the-scenes stories, an audience Q&A and more!

Freeform’s Super Sci-Fi Q&A Panel with “Shadowhunters” and “Beyond”

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 7, 2017, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Fans of Freeform’s hit series “Shadowhunters” and “Beyond” get a glimpse into the upcoming seasons from cast and executive producers. “Will it be smooth sailing for the reunited Malec?,” “Will Holden return to a normal life?,” plus much more will be revealed during this epic panel. Cast and EP participants to be announced at a later date.

Marvel Television Presents: “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 7, 2017, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Join Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television, in celebrating Season Five of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” with the entire cast and executive producers as they come together at Madison Square Garden, for the very first time, with an action-packed panel, Q&A and never-before-seen footage. This is the one you’ve been waiting for!

“Star Trek: Discovery”

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 7, 2017, 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

This fall on CBS All Access, Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, while learning that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself. The iconic television franchise, which first launched over 50 years ago, continues to remain true to its roots, and Starfleet’s steadfast ideals of adventure, an earnest pursuit for exploration, and the hope that we can all come together for a better tomorrow.  Join members of the cast, alongside the creative minds behind the new series for a panel conversation on Star Trek: Discovery.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 7, 2017, 7:45 PM – 8:45 PM

Join “The Walking Dead” cast and executive producers for a panel where they will discuss the season 7 finale and share a sneak peek into season 8, premiering October 22nd 9/8c.

In addition, these TV shows will be showcased with panels at New York Comic Con this year:

  • “American Gods”
  • “Archer: Danger Island”
  • “Ash vs. Evil Dead”
  • “Black Mirror”
  • “Blindspot”
  • “Castle Rock”
  • “Comic Book Men”
  • “Deception”
  • “The Defenders”
  • “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”
  • “Drunk History”
  • “Electric Dreams”
  • “The Exorcist”
  • “Explosion Jones”
  • “Family Guy”
  • “Final Space”
  • “Future Man”
  • “The Gifted”
  • “Gotham”
  • “Happy!”
  • “Hey Arnold!”
  • “Jack Ryan”
  • “Lore”
  • “The Magicians”
  • “The Man in the High Castle”
  • “Once Upon a Time”
  • “The Orville”
  • “Power Rangers Ninja Steel”
  • “Psych Reunion Movie”
  • “The President Show”
  • “Reverie”
  • “Robot Chicken”
  • “Runaways”
  • “The Shannara Chronicles”
  • “Shut Eye”
  • “Siren”
  • “Stan Against Evil”
  • “SuperMansion: Drag Me to Halloween”
  • “The Tick”
  • “Voltron: Legendary Defender”
  • “The X-Files”


“Pacific Rim Uprising”

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

October 6, 2017, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

“Pacific Rim Uprising” director Steven S. DeKnight will be joined by stars John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Burn Gorman and Cailee Spaeny—as well as moderator Aaron Sagers, SYFY WIRE’s editor-at-large—to discuss the upcoming action-adventure from Legendary and introduce the world premiere of the new trailer.  The follow-up to 2013’s cinematic epic of monsters and mechs, the film will inspire a new generation to become the biggest heroes to ever walk the earth.  Also starring Jing Tian, Rinko Kikuchi, Adria Arjona and Charlie Day, “Pacific Rim Uprising” hits theaters March 2018.

“Professor Marston & the Wonder Women”

Hammerstein Ballroom

October 8, 2017, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

By now every fan knows the origin of Wonder Woman, but very few know about the real-life women who inspired the iconic super-heroine and their unique relationship with the man who created her. “Professor Marston & the Wonder Women” tells that fascinating and extraordinary story. Please join us for a preview panel about this acclaimed film with its stars Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, and director Angela Robinson. Everyone attending will receive a “Professor Marston & the Wonder Women” poster and pencil. Moderated by Fandango’s Tiffany Smith.


Javits Center, Room 1A06

October 5, 2017, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Join Keanu Reeves and the team behind “Replicas,” for an exclusive first look and conversation about the film. Reeves developed and produced the “Replicas” with his producing partner, Stephen Hamel, and Transformers-franchise producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura.  The film is written by Chad St. John (“London Has Fallen:) from a story by Hamel, and directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (writer of “The Day After Tomorrow”). “Replicas” is the story of a scientist (Reeves) who loses his family in a horrific accident, but is determined save his wife and children by bringing them back to life with cutting-edge cloning technology.

*All panel descriptions are courtesy of New York Comic Con.

Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group to debut nine graphic novels from top Hollywood writers at New York Comic Con

October 4, 2017

Michael Bay
Michael Bay (Photo by Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

The following is a press release from 451 Media Group:

451 Media Group, a multi-platform entertainment company, today announced it will exclusively premiere nine graphic novels, previously released only in single issue series, created by some of the most sought-after TV and movie writers at this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC). Co-founded by acclaimed director and producer Michael Bay, 451 delivers an immersive entertainment experience combining cutting edge digital technology with content from some of the Hollywood’s top creative minds.

451 Media Group has produced trade paperback editions of all its properties for the first time, nine titles of which will be making their debut at NYCC. Created by marquee Hollywood talent, the titles include:

S6X – From master author/screenwriter George Pelecanos (HBO’s “The Deuce,” “The Wire” and “The Pacific”) comes an explosive tale of war and the lives of six soldiers altered forever, who reunite for one last mission to bring down those who threaten one of their own in a full fury showdown risking everything they have.

“S6X is very visual and character driven,” says Pelecanos. “These are very young men and women. And they look like everyday people. That’s something that I wanted to write about because I think it’s very real and also very important. To me, the graphic novel was the perfect vehicle to take the plunge and dive into the world of sequential art. And it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time.”

“What I love about the world George created is it’s both heightened and populated by real human beings. The characters are flawed, wounded and emotionally tangible souls who just happen to be caught up in this operatic but deeply personal war story. S6X is more than just a shoot ‘em up — it’s about the things people are capable of at their very worst and their very best.”says Ashley Miller, the screenwriter of “X-Men: First Class” and ‘Thor,” who is adapting the book for the big screens.

Red Dog – From Rob Cohen (writer of “The Fast and the Furious,” “xXx” and upcoming film “Hurricane Heist”). Comes an all new sci-fi adventure that follows Kyle, the only child on a distant planet, and his robot dog Red. When Red goes missing in the savage alien landscape, Kyle goes in search of his friend facing dangers beyond imagination and proves no matter how far in space you go, there’s no greater bond than one between a boy and his dog.

“’Red Dog’ is my passion project and if I can make it into a movie someday, I will die a happy man,” says Cohen.” But more important than that, it has found its form as a graphic novel thanks to the brilliant folks at 451 and a day does not start that I don’t look at a copy of to the first issue framed on my wall and smile”.

NVRLND – From the creative minds of the writing team, Stephanie Salyers and Dylan Mulik comes “NVRLND,” a dark and magical re-imagining of “Peter Pan” set in present-day Hollywood. Wallflower turned wild-child Wendy Darling befriends the fiery Tiger Lily and enters the rave scene of the underground club “NVRLND.” Intoxicated by music and pixie dust, Wendy falls for the enigmatic Peter, lead singer of The Lost Boys. You think you may know the truth about “NVRLND” but the truth is you know nothing.

Stained – Meet Emma London: recovery artist and bounty hunter for hire. She is strong, possibly indomitable, and did we mention…part machine. Emma enters dark places that no one else will go to track down the subhuman criminals lurking in the underbelly of society and bring them to justice. From David Baron, 2016 Harvey Nominee and top comic professional spanning over 20-plus years with highlights including GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE, PLANETARY, THE AUTHORITY, JLA, DETECTIVE COMICS (THE BLACK MIRROR), GREEN LANTERN, DIVINITY and BLOODSHOT: REBORN.

“With Issue one selling out, I couldn’t be happier how well ‘Stained’ has been received by fans and professionals. I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a Con in my 20 year career to premiere ‘Stained’ at NYCC 2017,” says Baron.

Additional graphic novels premiering from 451:

Self Storage – A Zom-rom-com from Clay McLeod Chapman, the writer of “The Boy,””Henley,” “Edge of Spider-Verse” and “Marvel’s Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

Humbug – A masterly plotted merry and manic mash-up of “Sherlock Holmes” and “Ghostbusters” from A.J. Gentile, the writers and creators of “Micronauts” and VISIONARIES.

Sunflower – A psychological thriller from writer Mark Mallouk, writer of “Black Mass” starring Johnny Depp.

ExMortis – An epic WWII action adventure from the minds of Paul + Pete Williams, VFX gurus behind “Avatar,” Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Chronicles of Narnia.

Bad Moon Rising – A wild smash up of “The Wolfman” and “Sons of Anarchy” from writer/producer Scott Rosenberg (“Con Air,” “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Jumanji 2,” “Welcome to the Jungle” and the CBS series “Zoo”).

Learn more about these and other original story titles at Order copies through 451’s Facebook page:


2017 New York Comic Con: William Shatner, Mark Hamill, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ cast members set to make appearances

June 30, 2017

by Carla Hay

William Shatner (pictured at left) and Mark Hamill (pictured at right) (Photos courtesy of CBS)

William Shatner (“Star Trek”), Mark Hamill (“Star Wars”) and “Guardians of the Galaxy” cast members Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn are among the celebrities set to make appearances at the 12th annual New York Comic-Con, which will take place October 5 to October 8, 2017 in New York City. The Jacob K. Javits Center is the main hub of the event, but several event activities will take place at other venues in the city.

Other celebrities announced for the event so far include “Game of Thrones” actress Lena Headey; “American Gods” cast members Pablo Schreiber and Yetide Badaki; and former “Sons of Anarchy” stars Ryan Hurst and Theo Rossi. All of these stars will be signing autographs at the event.

A complete schedule of 2017 New York Comic Con panels, activities and other celebrity appearances will be announced in the coming weeks.

New York Comic Con, which is produced by ReedPOP, was attended by about record-setting 180,000 people in 2016, according to ReedPop. The event is now the highest-attended comic-book/pop-culture fan convention in the United States. Movies and TV programs that were showcased at the 2016 New York Comic Con included “John Wick: Chapter 2,” “War for the Planet of the Apes,” “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” “The Walking Dead,” “Westworld,” and “Stranger Things.”

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