Review: ‘Unfavorable Odds,’ starring Grayson Berry, Maria Tornberg, Charles Malik Whitfield and Charles Ambrose

September 13, 2022

by Carla Hay

Maria Tornberg and Grayson Berry in “Unfavorable Odds” (Photo courtesy of Atlas Distribution)

“Unfavorable Odds”

Directed by Boogievision

Culture Representation: Taking place in Dallas and New York City, the comedy film “Unfavorable Odds” features a predominantly white cast of characters (with some African Americans and Latinos) representing the working-class, middle-class and wealthy.

Culture Clash: A married man makes a $5,000 bet with his rich playboy bachelor friend that this ladies’ man won’t be able to seduce his wife. 

Culture Audience: “Unfavorable Odds” will appeal primarily to people who don’t mind watching bad acting in a terrible and monotonous film that looks like it’s a behind-the-times TV movie.

Charles Malik Whitfield and Charles Ambrose in “Unfavorable Odds” (Photo courtesy of Atlas Distribution)

The title of the atrocious romantic comedy “Unfavorable Odds” can also describe viewers’ chances of enjoying this outdated, sexist, garbage dump of a movie. It’s very boring and amateurly made in every single way. “Unfavorable Odds” isn’t even self-aware trash, like other bad comedies about marital infidelity temptation. “Unfavorable Odds” has the tone of a movie that has no idea how stupid and off-putting it is, which makes watching this junk even more unbearable.

“Unfavorable Odds” is directed by Michael “Boogie” Pinckney, who calls himself Boogievision for the movie’s director credit. That should tell you right there how obnoxious and pretentious this movie is, when it’s really just a low-quality cesspool of foolishness. “Unfavorable Odds” has three people credited as the movie’s screenwriters: Corey Toney, Edna Janeen White and Tony D. White. All it means is that it took three people to come up with a movie concept and dialogue so vacuous, all of it could been churned out by one dimwitted screenwriter, or even a half-functioning, obsolete robotic machine.

Everything about “Unfavorable Odds” looks like it was a moldy idea from the 20th century that some misguided people decided to make into a movie and release in theaters. “Unfavorable Odds” definitely isn’t worth the price of a movie ticket or even worth anyone’s time, even if someone were stuck in a room with nothing do but watch “Unfavorable Odds.” The movie is so dull, it could put viewers to sleep. But even that’s not a good option, because “Unfavorable Odds” is aggressively idiotic, and people should not feel aggravated before they go to sleep.

In “Unfavorable Odds,” workaholic businessman Brad Wilson (played by Grayson Berry) spends most of the movie giving half-hearted excuses for why he’s an inattentive husband to his loyal and long-suffering wife Victoria Wilson (played by Maria Tornberg), who is a freelance interior decorator. Brad and Victoria, who live in Dallas and are in their 40s, have been trying unsuccessfully to start a family. The movie never states how long they’ve been married.

When the movie begins, Victoria is frustrated because, once again, Brad has made his job a priority over their marriage. The movie never goes into details about what Brad does for a living, but he works as some kind of financial advisor or financial planner in a high-rise corporate office. Brad and Victoria have an appointment to visit a fertility doctor, but Brad forgot about the appointment and made plans to spend time with a business client instead.

Victoria seems to be accustomed to Brad’s flakiness when it comes to their relationship. She’s annoyed that Brad hasn’t made himself available for this appointment. She agrees to reschedule the appointment, but demands that Brad make up for this inconvenience in some way that will please her. When the appointment is rescheduled, viewers get a clearer sense of how much of a jerk Brad is.

The appointment is with a fertility specialist named Dr. Young (played by Sky Crystal), who is under the age of 40. Apparently, having a young, good-looking doctor bothers Brad. When Brad and Victoria are alone in the exam room, Brad immediately goes on a very unfunny rant about how Dr. Young is an accurate name.

Brad says to Victoria, “We’ve got Doogie Howser as our doctor.” It’s a reference to “Doogie Howser, M.D.,” the 1989 to 1993 TV series, starring Neil Patrick Harris as a child prodigy doctor. When was this “Unfavorable Odds” screenplay written? The late 20th century?

The “joke” is on Brad, because Dr. Young goes back in the room and lets it be known in a good-natured way that he heard everything that Brad said. The doctor says that, for the record, he’s 33 years old. This scene is supposed to be funny, but it just falls flat.

Valentine’s Day happens soon after Victoria wants Brad to make amends for rescheduling their fertility doctor appointment. Brad goes to a department store with his two best friends, and they are all shopping to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for the ladies in their lives. Brad’s two bachelor pals, who are also his co-workers, have very different approaches to dating women.

Wes (played by Charles Ambrose) is an arrogant, rich playboy who brags about being able to successfully date multiple women at the same time. Kenny (played by Charles Malik Whitfield, also known as Malik Whitfield) is a sarcastic pessimist who isn’t as confident as Wes when it comes to dating. A running “joke” in the movie is that Kenny tends to choose women who berate him, stalk him, and accuse him of cheating.

At the department store, Wes picks out multiple selections of lingerie for all of the women he’s dating. Brad’s Valentine’s Day gift to Victoria is a CD of Duran Duran’s greatest hits. (Again: What year was this screenplay written? When was the last time you saw CDs sold at a brick-and-mortar department store?) Victoria likes the gift, but Brad could have chosen something more romantic for Valentine’s Day.

When Brad whines to Kenny about how he’s afraid that Victoria has gotten bored with their marriage, Kenny quips sardonically, “No vacations, no kids, crappy gifts—yeah, you’re a keeper.” Brad feels very insecure and jealous when he compares his own life to Wes’ life.

Brad and Wes often act more like enemies than like friends. It’s revealed much later in the movie (not until the last 20 minutes) that Wes and Brad have known each other since they were kids, and they’ve have had a longtime rivalry where Brad always felt overshadowed by Wes. It’s an example of how poorly written this movie’s screenplay is, because this personal backstory isn’t mentioned until the movie is almost over.

“Unfavorable Odds” has too many lackluster comedy gags to mention. One of them involves multiple scenes of Brad’s British boss Nigel (played by Brian Hokanson), who is very touch-feely with Brad, much to Brad’s discomfort. Kenny jokes to Brad that Nigel could be sexually interested in Brad. Later in the movie, when they’re all in a conference room meeting together, Brad gets “revenge” on Kenny for this teasing, by telling Nigel that Kenny wants Nigel to touch Kenny the way that Nigel touches Brad. It’s supposed to be this movie’s idea of “comedy.”

The rivalry between Brad and Wes is taken to a crass level that makes Victoria an unwitting pawn in their male ego posturing. One day, Brad gets fed up with hearing Wes boast about how successful Wes is in seducing any woman he wants. And so, Brad makes a $5,000 bet with Wes that Wes will not able to seduce Victoria in 10 days.

“Unfavorable Odds” wants to be salacious but also wants to play it too safe. Brad places one big condition on this bet: Wes has to seduce Victoria into wanting to have sex with Wes, but there can’t actually be any sexual contact between Wes and Victoria. The movie’s title comes from Brad’s belief that Brad has unfavorable odds of winning the bet, because of Wes’ track record of seduction.

Wes shows a shred of decency by asking Brad if he really wants to make a bet that could destroy the marriage of Brad and Victoria. Brad insists that they make the bet, so Wes agrees, with a little reluctance. Brad then gets paranoid that Wes will win the bet, so the majority of the “Unfavorable Odds” consists of Brad’s idiotic and pathetic stalking of Wes and Victoria.

As part of his seduction plan, Wes hires Victoria to do a high-paying interior decorating job for him. It’s a job she eagerly accepts. At one point, Wes whisks Victoria away on his private jet to New York City, where Wes says they need to pick out some art and furniture for this interior decorating project. Guess who follows Wes and Victoria to New York?

Everything in “Unfavorable Odds” plays out like an ignorant child’s version of how adults would act in this highly manipulative “game” that Brad has set up for his unsuspecting wife. Brad goes to the same places as Wes and Victoria, but ducks behind walls or holds things in front of his face so they can’t see him when he’s just a few feet away. It all just looks so unrealistic and not amusing at all.

There are scenes that make absolutely no sense and are sloppily staged. For example, while in the New York City hotel where Wes and Victoria are staying, stalker Brad steals a hotel maid’s cleaning cart from a hallway so he can sneak into Wes’ hotel room. The maid chases after him, and the scene then cuts to Brad in Wes’ hotel room, with no mention of how Brad got inside the room.

Was Brad able to get a master key? Why didn’t the maid contact hotel security? And even though Brad eventually buys small surveillance cameras to spy on Wes and Victoria, the movie tries to ignore the fact that Brad can’t place secret cameras everywhere that Wes and Victoria are alone together. There are too many unanswered questions that “Unfavorable Odds” is too dumb too answer.

The acting in “Unfavorable Odds” is mostly awkward and terrible. Whitfield is the movie’s only principal cast member who comes close to having comedic timing that’s competent. The movie, which has substandard editing, rushes in a plot development for Wes in the last 10 minutes. Almost everything about this movie looks extremely phony.

And to make matters worse, Victoria is written as a woman who is easily fooled and manipulated by Brad and Wes, who don’t have much respect for her. There’s a very backwards, misogynistic and distasteful tone to “Unfavorable Odds,” because of the movie’s concept that a husband bets with money on his wife’s sexuality, in order to stroke his own ego. This bet isn’t about Victoria. This bet is about Brad, his vanity, and his need to prove to Wes that Brad is in total control of Victoria in their marriage.

Brad thinks that he’s so desirable, Victoria wouldn’t dare be sexually seduced by another man, even though he knows his marriage to Victoria is on shaky ground because he hasn’t been paying enough attention to her. It’s implied throughout the movie that if Victoria wants to cheat on Brad with Wes, then she’s the one who will get all the blame and the punishment. Brad is the type of narcissistic husband who would do something awful to his wife and then would say to her, “You made me do it.”

In other words, there are no real winners in this “bet,” even though “Unfavorable Odds” desperately tries to make viewers root for selfish and moronic Brad. If anyone has the misfortune of choosing to watch “Unfavorable Odds” with the expectation that it might be entertaining, that is a bet that people will lose, along with any time or money wasted on watching this nonsense.

Atlas Distribution released “Unfavorable Odds” in select U.S. cinemas on September 9, 2022.

Cambria Hotels opens in downtown Dallas

April 6, 2018

Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas (Rendering courtesy of Choice Hotels International)
Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas (Rendering courtesy of Choice Hotels International)

The following is a press release from Choice Hotels International:

The Cambria Hotels brand celebrated its continued expansion in the Lone Star State with the grand opening of the Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas yesterday. The upscale hotel brand, which is franchised by Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), joined representatives from developer Kirtland Realty Group and management company Fillmore Hospitality, to commemorate the occasion with a Roaring Twenties-themed event.

The 177-room hotel is an adaptive re-use project in the Cambria Hotels brand portfolio and marks the restoration of downtown Dallas’ historic Tower Petroleum Building. The 23-story landmark is well known for its distinctive art deco design, a style retained and enhanced throughout the new hotel. Located in the heart of downtown’s renowned Theater Row district and adjacent to the storied Majestic Theater, the property once housed its own movie theatre.

The Roaring Twenties party took its inspiration from the building’s 87-year history and added some Texas flair. Guests enjoyed performances by the Singapore Slingers, photo opportunities with vintage cars, and Texas-inspired bites and beverages. Additionally, the hotel hosted an auction to benefit the Booker T. Washington High School of Performing and Visual Arts.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the celebration along with remarks from executives and a city official. Speakers at the event included Janis Cannon, senior vice president of upscale brands for Choice; John Kirtland, owner of Kirtland Realty Group; and Philip Kingston, Dallas City Council member. The speakers shared their excitement about the brand’s expanding presence in Texas and the growth of the Cambria portfolio across the country. Other Cambria Hotels locations open in Texas include McAllenPlano and Southlake, with AustinHouston and Waco coming soon.

“Cambria Hotels properties all reflect the heart, soul and culture of their respective communities. But they share common attributes that guests can always count on, including locally inspired design, food and beverage, and excellent service,” said Cannon. “Kirtland Realty Group has done a beautiful job restoring the glory of this building in a sleek and modern way, giving new life to downtown. And, we are so pleased to work with Fillmore Hospitality in the management of this hotel. Our collaboration with Fillmore Hospitality and Fillmore Capital Partners on other Cambria Hotels projects has elevated the entire portfolio.”

“The grand opening of the Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas is a proud moment for us as we introduce the exciting next chapter for the Tower Petroleum Building, while paying tribute to its colorful past and protecting Dallas’ heritage,” said Kirtland. “This, coupled with Fillmore Hospitality’s management expertise, will help us turn this hotel into a destination in and of itself for visitors to Dallas as well as locals.”

Fillmore Capital Partners and Fillmore Hospitality have developed and managed five other Cambria Hotels properties across the country, including the Cambria Hotel Southlake, Cambria Hotel LAX, Cambria Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile, Cambria Hotel New Orleans Warehouse District and Cambria Hotel Nashville.

“The Dallas community is a truly special place to work in hospitality, which we have seen with our successful Cambria Hotel Southlake property. So, we welcome the opportunity to continue to grow with the Cambria Hotels brand in this market,” said Ron Silva, president and CEO of Fillmore Capital Partners. “We look forward to teaming up on even more opportunities with the Cambria Hotels brand.”

About Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas
Located at 1907 Elm Street, in Dallas’ Central Business District, the upscale hotel features 177 rooms custom-designed for the modern traveler. The property, an adaptive re-use of the historic Tower Petroleum Building, features a full-service restaurant and bar, 1,500 square feet of multi-function meeting space, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The property’s unique art-deco style, highlighted by its iconic zigzag exterior and locally-inspired art and design elements, reflect the building’s 87-year old history. This recently opened Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas marks the Cambria brand’s second adaptive-reuse project and an ongoing collaboration with Fillmore Hospitality and Choice Hotels. For more information on Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas, visit

About Cambria Hotels
Cambria® Hotels are designed for the modern traveler, offering guests a distinct experience with simple, guilt-free indulgences allowing them to treat themselves while on the road. Properties feature compelling design inspired by the location, spacious and comfortable rooms, flexible meeting space, and local freshly prepared food and craft beer. Cambria Hotels is rapidly expanding in major U.S. cities, with hotels open in ChicagoNew York CityPittsburghWashington, D.C., and Los Angeles. There are more than 35 Cambria properties open across the United States, and over 100 hotels open or in the pipeline in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more, visit

About Choice Hotels
Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE:  CHH) is one of the world’s largest hotel companies. With over 6,800 hotels franchised in more than 40 countries and territories, Choice Hotels International represents more than 500,000 rooms around the globe, and as of February 1, 2018, more than 1,000 hotels were in its development pipeline. Our company’s Ascend Hotel Collection®, Cambria® Hotels, Comfort Inn®, Comfort Suites®, Sleep Inn®, Quality®, Clarion®, MainStay Suites®, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel®, WoodSpring Suites®, Econo Lodge®, Rodeway Inn®, and Vacation Rentals by Choice Hotels® brands provide a spectrum of lodging choices to meet guests’ needs. With more than 35 million members, our Choice Privileges® rewards program enhances every trip a guest takes, with benefits ranging from every day rewards to exceptional experiences, starting right when they join.  All hotels and vacation rentals are independently owned and operated. Visit us at for more information.

About Fillmore Hospitality
Fillmore Hospitality, LLC is a management company that provides a full spectrum of development, investment and property management services to owners of hotels and resorts throughout North America. The firm’s principals and executives have worked together for more than 25 years to deliver consistently superior financial results for their clients. Visit for more information.

Food Network debuts ‘Dallas Cakes’

April 2, 2018

"Dallas Cakes" (Photo courtesy of Food Network)
“Dallas Cakes” (Photo courtesy of Food Network)

The following is a press release from Food Network:

Everything is big and over-the-top in Dallas, especially the cakes! Beginning on Monday, April 30th at 10:30pm ET/PT, Dallas Cake viewers will follow the best Dallas-area bakers as they transform their clientele’s wildest imaginations into extraordinary customized confections. In each of the ten half-hour episodes, three outrageously talented bakers conceive, create and deliver incredible, edible works of art using cake, frosting, incredible imagination and skill. From an impressive Game of Thrones wedding cake featuring an intricate cake topper of a dragon wrapped around the iron throne, to a Back to the Future DeLorean car cake with working headlights, and to a gigantic oil derrick cake that spews chocolate, these Dallas Cakes are always top tier.

“Viewers devour our baking-themed Monday night line-up, and Dallas Cakes is the cherry on top of our dessert-filled programming,” said Courtney White, Senior Vice President, Programming, Food Network, Travel Channel and Cooking Channel. “Audiences will be captivated by the expert baking techniques and decorating skills used in every detail of these unique, jaw-dropping cakes – each one living up to Dallas’ larger-than-life reputation.”

See how these one-of-a-kind cakes come together at and browse photo galleries, videos and much more. Use the hashtag #DallasCakes on social media to let us know which cake is your favorite.

2017 MegaFest: performers and celebrity appearances announced

June 6, 2017

MegaFest logo

The following is a press release from MegaFest:

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and renowned pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes hosts the third biennial MegaFest in Dallas from June 28July 1, 2017, at the famed Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas. The internationally-acclaimed four-day faith, film and family festival is returning to Dallas for its third year. With the family favorite festival’s continued growth and popularity, this year’s event estimates to draw over 100,000 attendees from all 50 states to attend panels, workshops, special screenings, performances, activations, and competitions among a variety of engaging events.

“MegaFest is uniquely spectacular,” Bishop Jakes said. “It fills so many needs in people’s lives today — whether getting over your past or claiming your future ahead. It’s healing, it’s inspiring, it’s exciting, it’s entertaining — it’s an experience with something for everyone.”

Recognized as the world’s largest multi-day family festival, the event attracts a diverse collection of influencers, professionals and experts in their respective fields ranging from TV/film, Sports, Music, Ministry, Authors and Business.

Some of this year’s featured motivators, speakers, panelists and moderators include: Bishop T.D. Jakes & Serita Jakes, DeVon Franklin, Cicely L. Tyson, Brian White, Romeo Miller, John Singleton, Angela Simmons, Laz Alonso, Blair Underwood, Kim Fields, Monique Coleman, and Wanda Durant, mother of NBA All-Star Kevin Durant.

The full list of featured participants and speakers can be found here.

Joining MegaFest’s beloved four core program tracks (MegaInspiration: Woman Thou Are Loosed, MegaYouth, Fire Code, MegaKidz Destiny World, Alive Dance/Mime Conference, MegaEntertainment: A Time to Laugh Comedy Show, International Faith & Family Film Festival, Celebrity Meet & Greets, MegaEmpowerment: Business Talk, Financial Talk, Health Talk, Tech Talk and more, and MegaCommunity: Career Corner, MegaFit, College Corner, Fashion Show, Health & Wellness) this year include:

  • The LEGENDS Awards – This invitation-only luncheon recognizes a Hollywood legend that has been victorious, purposeful, and impactful in their career and industry. This year’s recipient of the inaugural LEGENDS Award is award-winning actress, advocate and humanitarian Cicely L. Tyson.
  • MegaFutures – In collaboration with the University of North Texas and inspired by the Emmy Award-winning TV show “Shark Tank,” this competition is open to forward-thinking students in grades 6 through 12 to flex their entrepreneurship skills by giving them the opportunity to pitch their ideas for any prize sum up to $50,000 while simultaneously making like-minded friends and receiving feedback and guidance from a expert panel of judges. MegaFest is accepting online submissions until the end of business day on Monday, June 12, 2017.  For more information on eligibility requirements and submissions please visit:
  • Youth Robotic Exhibition & Engagement – Attendees are invited to witness live demos of the latest robots in action, build and program their own working robot and attend motivating sessions covering topics such as saving, investing and wealth creation.
  • The MegaFest Choir Experience – Local church choirs from the Dallas-Fort Worth area perform on stage for one of the biggest audiences in the country during the worship portion of the conferences for Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) and ManPower (MP).
  • MegaFest Anthem Challenge – This is an opportunity for all choirs, singers, gospel rappers and spoken word artists to perform on the main stage during MegaFest 2017.
  • MegaCrawl – The Cedars neighborhood has teamed up with MegaFest and will be keeping its local restaurants, bars and coffee shops open late night for all attending the festival. For a list of participating businesses visit:

MegaFest 2015 brought over 91,000 visitors to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with an estimated economic impact of more than $59 million.


Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas unveils renovation plans

March 30, 2017

Crescent Court Hotel
Crescent Court Hotel (Rendering courtesy of Hotel Crescent Court)

The following is an excerpt from a Hotel Crescent Court press release:

Beginning a new chapter in its 30-year heritage, Hotel Crescent Court of Uptown Dallas unveils plans today for an extensive $30 million re-imagination, launching spring 2017. The geometry of architecture and fashion is the inspiration of the expansive renovation, beckoning a new generation of followers to dwell in the Dallas icon. As an ode to Hotel Crescent Court’s impressive architecture, the transformation will serve to modernize and amplify the experience of sophisticated Southern hospitality, including the complete redesign of all 195 guest rooms and 31 suites, elevators and guestroom corridors, the 22,000 sq. ft. spa and fitness center, as well as the hotel lobby and bar.

Dallas-based interior and architectural design firm, waldrop+nichols studio, was tasked to lead the charge formulating an interior design concept honoring the historic property’s past, blending European luxury and elegance with impeccable Texas hospitality. To pay homage to the 5-star hotel’s French Renaissance façade while upholding the vision of Caroline Rose Hunt and original architect and Pritzker Prize-winning Philip Johnson, waldrop+nichols draws cues from the world of hate couture and avant-garde ideals, as the hotel has radiated greatness since it’s inception in 1985.

Project details include:

  • Full redesign and restoration of 195 luxury guest rooms and 31 suites—with the addition of four suites during the renovation—including all new bathrooms and vanity areas. The selected color palette of limestone, blush, taupe and mink allows the architecture of the rooms to be the feature, speaking to the classic French exterior.
  • Upgraded floor corridors and elevators. Already unique due to the curvature of the hotel, the corridors will reference French-inspired patterns through innovative techniques in textural wall panels, seeded glass sconce diffusers, rift-cut silver walnut millwork and a subtle palette that sets the scene as an entrance maker to the room.
  • Enhancement of hotel public spaces including a fully refurbished lobby with elegant furnishings in main-lobby bar and lounge, Beau’s. The evolution will invite socialization that allows for ease of flow and circulation from the front door to the sunken courtyard connecting Stanley Korshak to the hotel. The addition of bar seating will infuse activity and generate buzz in the lobby.
  • Additional funds will be invested towards the membership program, including the remodeling of the 22,000 sq. ft. spa and fitness center.

The renovation of Hotel Crescent Court follows the return to its original name, after being purchased by Crescent Real Estate LLC (Crescent).

Hampton by Hilton opens two new locations in the Dallas area

January 20, 2017

Hampton by Hilton has opened two new locations in the Dallas area.

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dallas/Richardson
(Photo courtesy of Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dallas/Richardson)

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dallas/Richardson is located at 2250 North Glenville Drive in Richardson, Texas. The new hotel has 101  guest rooms and is owned and managed by Icon Lodging. There is also a meeting space that can accommodate 60 people. Situated in the Telecom Corridor, the hotels is less than one mile from the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts and three miles from Sherrill Park Golf Course.

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dallas - The Colony
(Photo courtesy of Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dallas – The Colony)

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dallas – The Colony is located at 3650 Plano Parkway in The Colony, Texas. The new hotel has 115  guest rooms and is managed by Atlantic Hotels Management.  There is also a meeting space that can accommodate 100 people . Situated in the heart of Grandscape, the hotel is near 400 acres of restaurants, shops and entertainment and parks with views of Lake Lewisville.

Both hotels offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour business center with complimentary printing, and a fitness center. Each guestroom includes high-quality amenities, including the brand’s signature Clean and Fresh Hampton bed, LCD TV, refrigerator and coffeemaker. Inviting suites are also available, offering additional space, a microwave, refrigerator and a comfortable sleeper sofa. Each hotel also has Perfect Mix Lobby, where guests can find Treats, a food and beverage shop filled with snacks, toiletries, local merchandise and drinks for purchase. Hampton by Hilton hotels are infused with local photography and artwork, highlighting each property’s connection and support to its own community.

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