True Crime Entertainment: Content Guidelines

What’s covered:

  • True crime entertainment that is non-fiction content or scripted entertainment based on real-life crime cases. Audio and video content must be at least 30 minutes in length and must be widely available in several countries in order to be covered here. For content in print, prominent true-crime books can be covered. Print articles about true crime can be linked as sources, but are generally not given stand-alone coverage.
  • Cases of real-life missing people, even if there is no evidence of a crime, if police or private investigators have gotten involved in the search. The missing-person cases discussed here must be widely covered by entertainment media (such as TV, movies, books, radio, and podcasts) that can be accessed by people in several countries.

What’s not covered:

  • Crime/mystery novels (fiction books)
  • Articles in magazines, newspapers or online media are generally not given stand-alone coverage here. Exceptions might be made if the article is a major exclusive that broke a case wide open.
  • Scripted entertainment of fictional cases, such as scripted crime/mystery shows and scripted crime/mystery movies that are based on fictional cases, even if the cases are very similar to real-life cases.
  • Content about ghosts, paranormal/supernatural activity, aliens from outer space, or other unexplained cases that are not true crime cases related to the legal system.
  • Breaking news on criminal cases or other legal cases, unless it involves a well-known public figure.
  • Attempts to solve cases, report illegal activity, report evidence, or change the legal outcome of cases that have not been discussed in the true crime entertainment covered here. If you have a cause, agenda, evidence or other important information that involves a true-crime case, please go to law enforcement, a private investigator and/or an appropriate attorney.
  • ┬áIf a true crime case is not covered by entertainment media, such as TV, movies, books, radio, credible websites or podcasts, it will not be covered here.
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